Headlines: The Parking Situation at Reliant Park; The Changing Colors of GreenStreet

Photo of Spindletop Restaurant: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Get ready for red bordered traffic lights to stop traffic in all directions and lighted crosswalks. Of course none of that will stop accidents from happening. The only people I’ve ever seen riding the Main Street line are bums and tourists unless its football or rodeo season. How about making commuter rail along the freeways where it could actually make a difference in traffic congestion instead of contributing to congestion?

  • MC, I ride the rail each day & I assure you that I am neither a bum nor a tourist. Based on your description, you must have ridden it, too. I am guessing that you are not a bum. No one said you have to ride the train, but many people are happy to not drive during rush hour.

  • In other news, Click 2 Houston is doing the reporting I had hoped to see on Swamplot, about the Southwest Inn
    They found the inspection reports, and cut through the layers of LLC’s to find the owner (as expected, he refuses to comment).
    If you don’t live or work in the area, I don’t expect you to care like I do. But at least keep this in the back of your mind next time someone complains about code inspectors writing up their properties in Montrose.

  • It’s funny, we have traffic accidents in this town every single day that don’t have anything to do with the trains but nobody is openly questioning the wisdom of having so many people in cars. But the minute a train hits a car, everybody goes bananas and says it’s not worth it.

  • The Reliant Park story gives me hope that it won’t become more parking. Sounds like all parties agree that it would serve better as event space.

  • “Hey kids, graffiti is cool! You should become a tagger!” -The City of Houston

  • Parking will do nothing for reliant. A key part of any parking plan is access. The area will still have the same/more issues even if we added a 6 story garage. Of course it going to become one though, because the easiest thing to do with an open space in may peoples mind. That’s why I say it should be a dog park. Easy use of space and people will pay stupid money for their stupid animals.

  • There were many good comments here today.

    I agree with most of them.

    Maybe we can get some thumbs up icons?

  • Thumbs down. I like that you have to use words to express an opinion here.