Headlines: Tollway over Hermann Park; Houston’s Soot Problem

Photo of Downtown from Medical Center: Russell Hancock

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  • An EL through Hermann Park so all the cheapskates can get back to boxes in Pearland?

    Sounds horrendous.

    Take this crud down Almeda, which already has a median sitting idle.

  • @Craig: No self-respecting cheapskate would be caught dead on a tollway. It’s either the free way or no way at all.

  • so how is the city able to give away the air space above hermann park to a private entity to administer tolls with the citizens having no say in the matter? aside from the fact that it’s an awfully ludicrous decision to permanently tarnish one of our city’s brightest spots for high-end developments and thus permanently suppress the taxable value of these associated lands, i think it’s pure genius.

    now when can we start putting in a tollway through memorial park to avoid 610 traffic?

  • Re: Hermann Park freeway ramp

    That is so, so messed up on many levels…

    This document says it all…


  • joel,

    its not like the project has been given a green light yet. Frankly, I think chronicle needs a “for public comment” section because the city never advertises these public comment things very much. I doubt the project will end up happening.

  • Has anyone seen a map of the route this toll road is going to take?

  • The city already ranks near the bottom in terms of park space per resident.

  • Like I used to ask my mom–why can’t we have anything nice???

  • How dare you all oppose a giant highway connector straight through the heart of one of the few places in this city where you can take out-of-towners and hear them say “this is really nice!” Think of all the jobs that will be created with this road. This road will also help developers extend the southern suburbs further towards Galveston into hurricane storm surge zones. Why do you hate our freedoms?

  • … and thus begins the privatization, and closing off of Galveston beaches. Guess more and more of us will have to hop across the SLP to Follet’s island to fish the surf, or keep on trucking down to Matagorda.

  • Before all the angry white people grab their torches and pitchforks and jump onto the NIMBY bandwagon, I’d still just like to see a map of the proposed alignment. We’re all readily jumping to conclusions based on some extremely vague “journalism” and shitty, cloistered “government”.

  • They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…..