Headlines: Trader Joe’s Premieres at the Alabama Theater; 25 Years of the Menil

Photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour over Houston: NASA

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  • I will say that was one heck of a funeral procession for America’s Space Program.

  • I can’t believe we retired the shuttle without a replacement. Now we have to bum a ride from Soviet Russia just to get to our own bedroom on the ISS. Although the Soyuz capsule is statistically safer than the shuttle, it’s embarrassing to bum rides likes hippies in a “walkable” neighborhood.

  • I also miss the shuttle program. It made space seem familiar. And that’s an awesome photo!!
    I have a space shuttle pic of the TX coast overlaid with a curlicue cloud formation that I treasure.
    Does anyone remember Stephen Gauvain of ABC-13? He was the right man at the right time.

  • Weren’t some of Gauvain’s ashes taken into space not long after he was killed?

    I remember him well. Tragic accident.

  • The TJ’s article pictures and references cookie butter, cookie butter(!!!), and all you people can talk about is the space shuttle?

  • I’m still bummed out that the city of Houston with NASA JSC HQ, did NOT get a single retired space shuttle.