Headlines: Trash in the Bayous, All the Surface Parking Downtown

Photo of Brays Bayou near MLK and Spur 5: KUHF News

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  • Re: the downtown parking lots, not surprised at what Vancouver has done to stem the tide of personal vehicles in the downtown core. As a city, they’ve always been light years beyond everyone else in many categories.

  • The mass produced and affordable automobile is the single greatest invention of all time. I’m happy to live in a city specifically designed accommodate them.

  • “As a city, they’ve always been light years beyond everyone else in many categories.”

    Too bad that they are so far behind on dealing with riots….

  • tanith27:

    Another area where Vancouver excels at is its cleanliness… I’ve never seen such a clean city! This leads directly into the other headline regarding the amount of trash in Houston’s storm drain system. Houston needs to do something about its public transit and litter problem if it wants to be considered a tourist-friendly city… But judging by many comments from Houston citizens, perhaps they have no problem with deer carcasses and condoms littering their bayous.

  • #4 @ Big Bill:

    Apparently you and the COH never considered the fact that yesterday was garbage day in many parts of Houston and maybe, just maybe all that trash or most of it anyway, came from unemptied cans that merely “floated” away from the street flooding inside the loop.

    I personally witnessed that in my ‘hood.

  • Pyewacket: lol, I’m very depressed that I didn’t have my camera on me Monday morning when I literally saw a trash can from up the street floating down the road. And the trashcan was still upright. I would have loved to have that on video.
    My trash can was recovered that night at the end of the block. Crazy.

  • If the snakes were not so bitey, I’d be down in the brush of the waterways picking up all sorts of trash. I should probably invest in one of those trash pokey sticks.


    No, I did not consider that, because it’s always garbage day in Houston in some part of the city (my neighborhood has garbage days on Thursdays, for instance). Blaming the embarrassingly massive amount of trash in the storm drain on it being garbage day in your neighborhood is a rather large stretch. Besides, the appalling amount of garbage littering the roadside, freeways, and bayous in Houston is pretty heinous, and is not something that rears its head only on rainy days.

  • And that’s why we really need a leash law for snakes…

  • When we have a very heavy rain on a Thursday, we’ll probably see your garbage in the bayous…..providing you live near one AND providing that your garbage can gets carried away by the street flooding. So there!

  • Just wait with today’s wind – my neighborhood has trash and recycling today and there was junk blowing around everywhere this morning (I decided to hoard my trash/recycling til next time)..

  • Love the timing of the drought article! haha