Headlines: TxDOT To Shame Toll-Skipping Scofflaws; That Process Server Granny Video Making the Rounds

Photo of The Strand: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • For the record, that wasn’t me, but hilarious.

  • Geez, maybe the poor old lady had bladder issues, and if she was a process server why didn’t he just answer the door he obviously knew he was being sued. I agree it’s disgusting to have someone relieve themselves in the Porte Cochere of your manse, but maybe next time he’ll offer her a bathroom. I’m sure one of his 3 maids cleaned it to anyway. I’m sure the Memorial Village Polic too busy catching people going 31 in a 30 and rolling stop signs to deal with this issue, so she’s in the clear.

  • Re: shaming

    The overall problem is that failure to pay a toll is not legally as severe as violating a traffic regulation (like speeding). Why don’t they just make toll violations the same level of offense?

    I can get arrested with a warrant for failure to pay a traffic fine, but only “shamed” for failure to obey toll rules (at least if this law passes).

    Also, can they not leverage credit records to ensue debt collection, and dock their credit scores, as would be done for violation of any private financial agreement?

    Seems so weird that it’s so hard to enforce the rules better.

  • > Why don’t they just make toll violations the same level of offense?

    In short, they’d have to be able to prove specifically what driver committed the offense, not just dump responsibility on the registered owner of the car. It’s much easier to keep it a parking-ticket like offense.

  • Sounds like they are advertising how easy it is to avoid paying tolls.