Headlines: Vargo’s Comes Down; The Honeywood Trail House of Honey

Photo of Downtown: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • With regard to Vargoe’s: is anyone taking care of the abandoned peacocks? I heard that one of them got run over last week.

  • Regarding statues, I’ve been saying for a long time that the city should be actively acquiring and developing one lot in each neighborhood as a pocket park with some kind of unique sculpture or statue as its centerpiece.

    Some kind of consistent theme of that sort could form the basis for grassroots tourism of a unique variety. Sort of a park crawl rather than a pub crawl…or perhaps both at the same kind. Houston’s best assets, after all, are our neighborhoods. We should show them off.

  • Love the statue ideas! How about a Tootsie statue honoring Cathy Whitmire? We could have two statues, one of Dustin Hoffman in drag, and one of Cathy dressed like, well, Cathy. Don’t forget the big bow around her neck and the HUGE squarish glasses! And heck, put the statue on a monorail track to memorialize Houston’s first failed attempt at mass transit plans that were voted on and approved, then dumped by the anti-transit/developer coalitions (so much for democracy)…nothing could be more Houston!

  • I am very disappointed that the chron article didn’t recognize that Kenny Rogers, or Randy and Dennis Quaid needs a statue in Houston.
    Mary Lou Retton needs a statue as well, but I suppose that this as well as Carl Lewis’ statue would go in the Houston sports history topiary that will replace the astrodome. The topiary would be shrubs and bushes sculpted to be the athlete in a famous pose. They could use a really small boxwood for Mary Lou. Is it too soon to say we need to include Vince Young?
    We might also need a statue of Sir Rap-A-Lot.

  • TheNiche: That’s an awesome idea! Wouldn’t cost that much either…

  • When I see the idea from TheNiche I cannot help but think about that city in the news recently that was putting in pocket parks every 1000 ft, so sex offenders could not take up residency. Two birds, one statue.

  • Somewhere in Pasadena they’re probably building a statue for Joe Horn.

  • Two of those peacocks made it to my yard last week. Don’t know where they are now. They scared the *!?# out of my dog.

  • Pretty shitty not to take care of the peacocks.