Headlines: Voting on an Astrodome Plan; Making Art of Power Lines

Photo of  Greenway Plaza: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I do hope that the changes to Chapter 42 help spur the redevelopment of old apartments and condo complexes in Southwest Houston. But time will tell if it succeeds. A nightmare scenario could be if slum lords jack up the prices of their buildings so high that developers won’t buy them; and then the developers turn around and start building in single family neighborhoods.
    Hopefully this is avoided by neighborhoods strengthening their deed restrictions, and by slum lords being pressured to either sell or fix up their properties. But we will see.

  • RE the streets initiative, as a native I’ll just throw out a guffaw. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Mother Hydra +1. Shoot, robbing money from Metro for the last couple of decades for that exact stated purpose hasn’t done that much, except to hobble Metro.

  • Thought this nugget from the Biz Journal article was interesting:

    The organization, which presides over Reliant Park, is scheduled to hold a board meeting on April 17. The agenda includes “(d)iscussion and possible action to approve a resolution regarding the future of the Reliant Astrodome” and “(d)iscussion of a nondisclosure agreement with the University of Southern California regarding a potential project related to the Reliant Astrodome.”

    Now what do those Trojans want with our Dome?????????