Headlines: Wasting Time in Traffic; Hobby Airport’s Expansion Plans

Photo of Rice Military apartment construction at TC Jester and Washington: Loves Swamplot

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  • only 2 days spent in traffic on average per year? I find that hard to believe. That would mean that per day the average Houstonian only spends less than 8 minutes in traffic per day. No way that’s right.

  • The following link will lead you to the SignOn Petition for the “May 1,000 Night Walks Bloom” petition>

  • toasty: They’re talking about time wasted in commute vs. time that would be spent driving if not for congestion. So 2 days “extra” vs. if they could just get from point A to point B with out rotting in their car.
    If it were total drive time, it would be way higher. For example, I drive very little — about 3k miles a year. However, even with that, at ~40MHP avg, that’s 75 hours (3+ days). An average 12k mile year driver would be over 12 days.
    And if they’re blending in those of us that don’t commute and live near their work, I could see it “only” being 2 days since we drag the number down. I’d be at 0 except for my occasional drives by the Galleria that make me want to stab myself.

  • Gus, the collection of informative links are appreciated, however I might suggest not posting those that you need to pay to read.
    I do notice you put a ($) by them but by not even linking to them perhaps they’ll be encouraged to change their ways.

  • You can generally get behind the Chron paywall by googling the title–not sure why. I get a little message on the side that says I’ve been granted access.