Headlines: Williams Tower Up for Grabs; Olympic Training in the Astrodome

Photo of new roof turbine on Permitting Center: Green Building Resource Center

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  • I hope the buyer of Willaims Tower tears it down and puts up something new. That thing is ANCIENT.

  • I agree Robert, damn eyesore over there…hopefully the new owners continue to support Sally Sprout showing art in the lobby.

  • Galleria needs more parking anyway, how about a parking lot!? ;)

  • I have fond memories of riding the elevator to the top of Transco Tower with my young son. This was obviously in the days of pre-9/11 ‘security’, when the tower was open to the public on weekends. There were marble panels in the elevators cars.

  • re :Purdueenginerd

    I hear that the 3000 post Oak garage will be torn down a new larger one built next year if current lease negotiations pan out. The parking will get a lot worse during construction.

  • 30 years old is ancient? By your estimation you must be prehistoric, and or fossilized.

  • corey–hes being sarcastic :)

  • I would say put a garage where the waterwall park is, turn off that searchlight, and do whatever you have to do to the glass to get it LEED certified, but the thing is doomed anyway with the low ceiling heights.