Heights Blvd. House of Houstonia

The headquarters of Houston natives and siblings Scott and Nicole Vogel’s Houstonia magazine will be here, the new monthly glossy tweets, at this repainted Victorian at 477 Heights Blvd. The 4,200-sq.-ft. house was purchased in October, city records show. Unveiled earlier this week, Houstonia is expected to debut this March; the masthead will include writers like Robb Walsh and inveterate streetwalker John Nova Lomax, formerly of the Houston Press.

Photo: Houstonia

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  • Houstonia: sounds like a medical condition.

  • I looked at this house when it was on the market last year. Weird, semi-modern inside, lots of space though. The bedroom above the garage had some slide-out bed just randomly in the middle of the room. By far the weirdest part was the closet under the stairs. It dropped down a few steps and had faux-stone/papier-mache walls. It was billed as a “wine cellar” but there was one 20-bottle rack of wine in this 8’x8′ room. What there was, was a large TV mounted to a wall. We could only assume it was some sort of porn dungeon. Wonder what these guys thought of/did with that.

  • Oh yes another great publishing adventure..well good luck…they better have lots of backers as its not cheap to publish a rag…I did it in the 70ies with H-Magazine..that lasted 3 issues….thanks god my Southwest Art Magazine is still going strong after 40 years….

  • Porn dungeon? Only? Not a place to hide from hurricanes and tornadoes? Not a root cellar?

  • After reviewing the editorial staff it looks like “the more things change, the more they stay the same”! Gather folks from current publications and what do you get?

  • You know, Swamplot, there are other neighborhoods around town besides Heights, can we have articles which do not include Heights at least twice a day?

  • I know the magazine owner, although I haven’t seen her in forever. Their Portland and Seattle magazines are the best city magazines that I’ve ever seen, so I’ll bet they’ll do well here. I’m looking forward to it and will subscribe – but probably to the iPad version. Holding a paper magazine is starting to seem weird.

  • Drive by the house everyday and have seen all the work they have put into the structure. Putting some pricy furniture in at least judging from the delivery trucks. Was wondering if it was going to be a new B&B. If I were an investor I would be concerned about how much money is going into an office.