Heights Home of the Spanish Acquisitions

This home’s walls have ears. And eyes. And behind all the portraits lining them, a lot of nail holes for new owners to fill. Located at the corner of 9th St. and Tulane in the Houston Heights, this little casa is part of a small enclave of Spanish Colonial homes that rose on the block a decade ago. Inside you’ll find 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and enough wall space to field a collection of collections.


Distinct features include a red tile roof, pier-and-beam construction, and pine floors. The 2,900-sq.-ft. home has arched doorways, custom cabinetry, and a downstairs master bedroom. A porch overlooks the fenced yard and patio. The property occupies an urban-scale lot of about 4,350 sq. ft., and was listed last month at $594,900. Art collection not included.

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  • Oh yeah: has the realtor even told the seller(s) to de-personalize this place?

  • Caramba!(Yikes!)

  • Let no good wall go unpunished.

  • How can you get into that tub without falling over the fawcett? Looks dangerous.

  • OOOPS, make that faucet. There is no Farah in that photo.

  • Obviously not into feng shui….the owner must have lots of nighmares….

  • Lots of feng shui nightmares while falling over into the tub….as the walls are repeatedly punished with more pictures. Ay caramba!!!!

  • I see a house where the owner(s) have had lots of adventures all over the world.

    Maybe or maybe not. But I think they’d still be fun folks and very interesting to converse with.

    I really like that monkey lamp too.

  • Swamplot: Where people go to talk trash about real estate. Lots of hate on this website. Lots of hate.

  • Looks like Pier One circa 1998 vommited all over that house. But still, a lot better than the beige-o-rama most places have. Holy Moly! Someone actually bought one of those massage chairs?!?!

  • Those poor walls. I’d bid $20k less just for nail hole and paint repair once the walls were bare. Wow. It’s a shame that there is probably a nice house under all of that stuff, but how is a buyer to see the beauty under all of the layers. It’s like an onion. Also, I’d wear a helmet and cup when getting into that tub.

  • I’m with you, PYE. This place is full of happy memories, not nightmares!

  • I like it also. It looks warm & welcoming. And I agree with PYE, I bet the owners are really interesting people with a lot of travel under their belts :)

  • If you want to see a Heights house with personalization check out the listing for 2719 Beauchamp. The pic hanging over the changing table is very, um, personal.