Heights Losing Cajun Restaurant

HEIGHTS LOSING CAJUN RESTAURANT The Big Mamou is closing tomorrow at the end of the day, reports the Leader, leaving behind the yellow bungalow at 903 Studewood where it’s been for 4 years: “Rufus and Brenda Estis . . . will host one last blast for customers from 5-9 p.m. March 5, offering its signature red beans and rice and gumbo at no charge.” [The Leader] Photo: Big Mamou

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  • I heard they put crawfish in their gumbo. My buddy from New Orleans tells me that is an unpardonable sin.

  • Nice people but Capt D’s had better cajun food.

  • I am really sad that they have to close. They came into the neighborhood when restaurants were few and far between. They kept the doors open during the economic downturn. They did a great job building out an old bungalow. I liked the food. It wasn’t the best cajun in town, but it was good. I will be glad that I will no longer hear from all the self-appointed cajun experts about how the food wasn’t authentic. There are a zillion different styles within cajun cooking depending on whether you are in New Orleans, Shreveport or Baton Rouge. Finding authentic cajun is like finding authentic Chinese or Mexican. They were nice folks who will leave the neighborhood with a good spot for a new restaurant.

  • The best seafood gumbo by far is at Bayou City Seafood on Richmond near 610… may not be authentic but it’s loaded with crawfish and crab meat to the hilt.

  • Sad to hear, they were good neighbors. Fun spot during Lights in the Heights.

  • There’s still BB’s down the street which undoubtedly impacted them.

  • How sad.

    As in, how sad was what they offered.

    In the teeth of crawfish season a couple years ago, I ran into one of the owners at the (late, lamented) Studewood Fiesta, and (I thought politely) asked when they might be getting crawfish. The (not very nice – something to do with mudbugs taking expensive equipment…WTF??? I’d have given them my second set for free) response I got, combined with the earlier experience I’d had trying (unsuccessfully) to eat there (stone cold sober, just waiting for someone to at least nod in my direction…), caused me to never darken the door again. I live two blocks away – I would have looooved having a homeplace – particularly considering the concurrent decline of King Biscuit as a place to eat.

  • Oh, I am sad to read this. I liked that place. Yeah, it was a little pricey, but the food was consistently good. And the owners hired local folks, and apparently treated them well enough that they wanted to stay on.

    I feel guilty that I didn’t go there more often.

  • Good folks…I wish them the best of luck in whatever is next.

  • They have a really good brunch. I will be coming by this weekend.

  • We had mediocre to bad experiences there.

    I always hate to see someone’s business close, but I hope we get better.

    Overpriced with poor service were my experiences. Food for one party would come out at widely varying times; sometimes not right, but you don’t dare send it back because the wait was too much.
    Tried it different times of day five times; just couldn’t get it right. Glad others had better.