Heights Mexican Restaurant Calle Onze Rises from the Scraps of 11th St. Trailer Park

Multiple angles on the fully built, but not-yet-open Heights Mexican restaurant building dubbed Calle Onze show how it’s shaped up on the corner of Allston and 11th St. long home to Jozzie’s Mobile Home Park. In its new format, the 13,200-sq.-ft property relegates parking to the lot on the right in the side view above from Allston. A patio, complete with fake grass, wraps the building to front 11th St (pictured at top), where it butts up against the western boundary of Eight Row Flint‘s corner spot off Yale.

The mobile home park, home to about 9 trailers in its final days, cleared out of the lot in March of last year:


Photos: Swamplox inbox

By Eight Row Flint

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  • I can already see Nextdoor app blowing up with residents hating on restaurant patrons parking on the street. They were relentless after Coltivare opened and still posting on parking issues when I left 2 years ago. On another note, interesting choice of design for the neighborhood.

  • Super. . . .more overpriced tex-mex that will serve “craft cocktails.” How original.

  • I think the building looks great and can’t wait to try it!

  • I live two blocks away and look forward to the opening. Hope they have some good chips and sauce!

  • parking lot is in the back / Kudos to the site plan for a more walkable feel with patio in the front

  • I see they decided to use the letter Z in Onze instead of C figuring people would pronounce it like the English word “once” incorrectly…plus it gives it that hipsterista sound that adds aura to the ambiance.

  • building looks awesome! and for the folks crying about parking- it’s nestled in a densely packed neighborhood, people will walk/bike there.

  • Yes….yet another mexican restaurant in the heights. We need to have several more..keep them coming. No need to park in their parking lot . If they are planning on a great following, then there is more parking along Allston and Rutland. Just a start. Now there are no issues on alcohol. The Heights station needs a mexican restaurant. Come on…there is still space available.

  • Dana, it’s common now for names to be given a weird twist to have a more directed internet search. The bands “Alvvays” and “Chvrches” employ this method. I get what you mean though. I feel douchey saying “onze”.

  • Actually, I think there is a lot of room in Houston for a chef driven Mexican restaurant. There are really only a small number of Mexican restaurants that get out of the typical Tex-Mex Box. The Hugo’s restaurants, Cuchara, Picos and La Fisheria are really about it. Best part will be that HPD can set up on Yale and write DUI tickets all night between this place and 8 row flint.

  • Old School, they don’t write tickets for that. It’s far worse.

  • Callay Onze?
    Shouldn’t they name the place Ka-yea Onze? Like “Imma let you finish but…