Heights Vinyl Skipping Out of the Heights

Heights Vinyl is getting ready to box up its collection of grooved disks, turntables, and other analog audio items before bolting from the building it shares with Cat Veterinary Clinic at 3122 White Oak Dr. (The record store’s former neighbor and industry peer — 3mA Audio — moved out of the space directly next to the vet’s office last year.) Last April, an entity connected to developer Ancorian bought the 8,900-sq.-ft. strip — as well as the adjacent apartment building at 3110 White Oak.

On Sunday, Heights Vinyl announced via Facebook that it would be moving to a Fifth Ward warehouse building south of I-10 at 3301 Cline St. That building is divided into 2 tenant spaces — Heights Vinyl will take over the one shown below, fronting the parking lot along Grove St.:


The other space — currently listed for lease — fronts Cline along the building’s south side.

Photos: Yelp (Heights Vinyl); Cat Veterinary Clinic (3122 White Oak Dr.); LoopNet (3301 Cline St.)

Fifth Ward Bound

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  • Great addition to the neighborhood! Hopefully grab some interesting music for Wed. Vinyl night at The New Potato.

  • Damn hope the new location is like 50% bigger plus it will be harder to get to. Area is not a place you want to be after dark best of luck.

  • ah brian, its just fine over there. glad to see things like this moving into the area. preemptive strike on their part in the event Amazon or the greater Midway development takes off!!

  • I walk my dog around this place every night, Brian. I think you’re thinking of someplace else.

  • There goes another old building.