Heights Vs. Montrose: The Legal Battle

HEIGHTS VS. MONTROSE: THE LEGAL BATTLE After giving himself 5 months to settle into his new Sunset Heights home, HBJ editor and former longtime west-Montrose resident Bill Schadewald sets about appraising the relative merits of his once and future ’hoods: “Montrose: Dozens of nearby attorneys ready to help me consummate a merger, negotiate an acquisition or initiate a hostile takeover. Heights: Hundreds of lawyers on hand to fix my speeding ticket, handle my uncontested divorce or represent me in a minor traffic accident case. Edge: Heights. Some of the lawyers even have brothers-in-law to do the car repairs and throw in a new set of hubcaps for free.” [Houston Business Journal]

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  • Funny. My husband is a lawyer and we live in The Heights. We know a lot of lawyers in the area and they are all litigators or corporate lawyers. All the traffic lawyers we know live in Bellaire. Maybe it’s just his block?

  • Is that because the community in the Heights? LOL.

  • Welcome to Sunset Heights! I love it here. I have attorneys officing out of the house right next door. They help with legal but more imporantly, their offices face the side and back of my house. Great security!

  • If I could choose MY neighbors, I’d want quiet, organic-gardener, bird-loving dog trainers;
    not attorneys!
    Do you all have lots of unfinished business?