Heights Waterworks Work Could be Paired with Chase Bank Sale Chaser

Chase Bank at 500 W. 20th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008

Heights Reservoir land saleAs the digging around has started recently across the road, the Chase Bank on W. 20th street has gone up for sale, a reader notes. Most of the land west of Nicholson St. between 19th and 20th streets is owned by Chase (which has a drive-in on the block), as is the parking lot on 20th across Lawrence. The property is wedged in with those 2 pieces of Heights Waterworks land (outlined here in red) that the city sold last year to Alliance; the apartment developer’s plan for the catty-corner sites includes a pair of 8- and 6-story midrises plus a conversion of the protected reservoir structure itself for restaurant and-or retail use. The signage at the corner of 19th and Lawrence St. (shown above) note that the bank will be seeking its fortune elsewhere.

Images: “Random Property Gossip” (top); City of Houston (bottom)

Banking on Heights Densification

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  • Is the developer planning on keeping the two giant trees on the NW corner of 20th and Nicholson?

  • Think Heights is maxed out with pizza places, breweries and yogurt . .So what is the plan ? More mixed use development apartments ? more patio homes ?

  • Can never have too many breweries.

  • One of the bank tellers told me that they are building a new building next door and will be relocating there. I assumed it would be where the vacant drive-thrus are.

  • Chase is moving the drive through retail bank to the far east end of the tract on 19th street on a much smaller section of land and selling the office building, the remainder of the old drive through, the long tract along 20th, the parking lot on the south side of 19th and the lot adjacent north of Vietnam.