Helicopters Over Clinton?

This sign, which showed up recently on the fence outside the 136-acre former KBR site at Hirsch Rd. indicates that the air over Clinton might soon be filled with choppers — but for what? City building inspector and helistop specialist Larry LaHaie says that that hasn’t been disclosed, but he does know that it’ll be a “private facility . . . not for hospitals, not for police.” The work will involve clearing the former industrial property that seems to have been “left to go au naturel,” he says, and cleaning up a defunct landing pad that had been discontinued “6 to 7 years ago.” The Ship Channel-fronting site in the Fifth Ward has sat vacant since most of its buildings were demolished a little more than a year ago and it was sold by KBR to undisclosed buyers.

Photo: @GoingUpCity via Twitter

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  • They should put a cricket field somewhere on the 136 acres, and they would not have to pay property taxes. . . . .

  • Tilman Fertita?

  • The heliport is likely temporary while the owners of that land let it appreciate but even so, the new noise won’t do much for the townhome owners on Clinton.

  • The very helipad that Dick Cheney once used to drop into Halliburton from his various undisclosed locations!

  • That land was purchased by a very wealthy individual. I imagine he is simply using this as his own personal helistop.

    Tilman already has one on the roof of his west loop office building.

  • There was a similar notice posted on some vacant land on North Post Oak between Hempstead and Westview (former heavy equipment site that was cleared and is now a grassy field).

  • When I drove past a few days ago I noticed that lights are still illuminated on roof overhangs of one of the office towers. It also looked like a few interior lights were also on.

  • Its definitely overgrown in that area. They are working hard right now to dig a lot of that dirt up and plan to be finished sometime in Dec this year with the full transfer of ownership. KBR is trying to make the soil at an acceptable level for Commercial Real Estate and not industrial.

  • Looks like the company is named Helicopter Services Inc and runs a flight school and private helicopter service- I have no idea what they plan to do there but here is a web site for them. http://www.heliserv.com/

  • All we need is Michael Bay, flying squirrel suits and someone banging pots and pans and we have a Transformers movie.

  • This just screams failure!! Why Houston why!?!?!

  • This is some very disappointing news… I just purchased a house off of Clinton =( Does anyone know how long their contracts for?

  • Seriously?! That lot has so much potential to be so much more! What about a grocery store or retail shops???

    Those choppers are going to bring so much noise in the area. Not happy.

  • That’s Houston for you. No zoning means big bucks do what they want. I’m not talking about the male deer.