Here Are the Videos You’ve Been Looking for of Last Night’s Astrodome Launch Failure

After the countdown Sunday night at 9:30 pm, blasts went off on 3 of the 4 booster towers surrounding the Houston Astrodome. But there was no liftoff. As the towers collapsed into dusty piles moments later, it became clear: The blasts would not be enough to propel the Dome off its foundation and into outer space. They’ll have to find another way.


Implosion of External Ramp Towers, Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Park, Houston

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  • Videos: OnlineNewsVideos2014, HStreet Industries, KHOU. Photo: Mike Acosta

    No Liftoff

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    • Funnily Fox 26 was supposed to have it “live”. However, at 9:30 I heard a boom at my house (galleria area) – while Fox 26 was at commerical. 3 seconds later “…we have breaking news”, and cut to a shot of the towers already on the ground. They never admitted their mistake – rookie mistake.

    • That’s crazy JD that you heard it in the Galleria. I live in Braeswood and it rattled our windows. I’d love to know how far away people heard it from.

    • When the demolished the old hospital in the Med Center, I heard the booms all the way in Midtown. Big explosions carry a long way.
      On a separate note, anybody notice how the dome side of one of the stairwells fell backward and crashed into the dome wall? Pretty substandard demolition work, unless further damaging the dome was part of the plan all along…bwahahahaha!

    • We heard the booms out in Pearland. We thought it was thunder at first.

    • From the looks of it they have a much harder job of clearing the debris now that they blew it up!

    • We heard it in Timbergrove, too.