Here Comes Another Surge of ‘Did Not Flood’ Signs

Popular yet again in Houston: The DID NOT FLOOD sign topper. Here’s a new one spotted by wandering photographer Joshua House in front of the Covington Builders 4-story townhome development at 3821 N. Braeswood Blvd., one block north of Brays Bayou and a couple blocks east of Stella Link.

Where have you spotted signs like these in Harvey’s aftermath? Please send pics and coordinates to us. Swamplot wants to know what DID NOT FLOOD.

Photo: Joshua House

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  • “Never flooded” spotted yesterday at 4622 Willowbend, 77035. About 0.2 miles from where the flooding begins on Cliffwood at Tonawanda, all the way north to 610.

  • I hear that 2002 Libbey “DID NOT FLOOD!!!!!!”

    Seriously, HAR should add a “DID NOT FLOOOOOOD!!!!” feature to their search filter…

  • New HAR listings online already lead off with DNF. But a filter would be nice. And I bet the ensuing litigation would be just awesome.

  • I saw a bunch on 18th just west of Eureka Heights Brewery – sorry, no pics!

  • In Harvey, flooding or not was largely luck.

  • Pretty amazing that town home project didn’t flood. The neighborhood to the north of it had 2-6 feet in many of the houses that weren’t elevated.

  • Sign “Never Flooded” in front of house in the 5100 block of Kingfisher@Kingfisher Cir. Between Fonda and Kinglet. And this house practically backs up to Willow Waterhole Bayou.

  • @Tired of flooding not at all – it was a matter of building in the right places, with the right techniques.

  • A sampling of all listing within a 1/2 mile of my home (77055 area) shows 90% of the HAR/Redfin listings now indicate some verbiage in reference to not flooding.

    KEH – Thanks for the tip on the Willowbend house. It’s what I refer to as a “stealth” update – totally new on the inside, nearly untouched on the outside. The house next door to me was recently remodeled that way – the inside is stunning while the outside…well, isn’t. :)

  • There is a filter on HAR for the flooding during Harvey. Your agent can filter it out for you too .

  • That HAR flood filter is not available to consumers (full disclosure: I am not a real-estate professional). The way that HAR describes it, there are still two layers of trust involved: That the seller chooses to inform the agent, and that the agent chooses to inform the prospective buyer.