Here’s 2 Years of HSPVA Construction Crammed into 30 Riveting Seconds

From start to finish, the video above fast forwards through about 2 years of construction on the Kinder High School for Performing and Visual Arts’ new building at 790 Austin St. Following an official groundbreaking in late 2014, workers stacked 5 floors atop a 2-story underground parking garage (which took on about 10 in. of water during Harvey) — leaving space in the front face on Austin St. for a multistory jigsaw-like window.

That opening started out as more of a hole:


Before getting glassed over:

Plumbing systems, built-in furniture, mechanical and electrical systems, and a few outdoor and indoor finishes are now all that’s left to check off on the new structure. Despite an initial rush to speed up the bond program that paid for it — as well as a $7.5 million gift from the Kinder Foundation — the building didn’t rise in time for the class of 2018 to do much with it. Those students’ time inside was limited to a barbecue lunch held on-site it earlier this year.

But next year’s seniors should get some educational use out of it — at least for half the year. The expected opening date: January 2019, at which time students and staff will relocate from the existing campus on Stanford St. between Sul Ross and W. Main.

Video: McCarthy Building. Photos: HISD News Blog (unfinished exterior); HISD (finished exterior)

Assembly Period

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  • I love that the school is downtown. The idea of teenaged musicians and actors and painters terrorizing the central business district makes me happy. I do think, however, that they could have tried harder and come up with an even more drab exterior color scheme (shaking my head at the drabness).

  • The blue gypsum board was a sweet color. anywho i’m excited for this wrap up

  • i took a tour of it maybe a month ago. ive never seen their current building, but this new one has theater and performance space that looks better than the space over in the theater district. houston’s lucky to have a place like this to nurture local talent.
    also i learned on the tour that there’s a nonprofit that provides additional funding beyond the hisd budget dollars (since this school has additional requirements beyond the typical high school). this nonprofit also coordinates artists and other professionals to come by and supplement the core teaching staff which is also pretty cool.
    also worth noting that there is a federal jail like right across the street from this place.

  • Love! the stucco going up in one smooth move!!

  • What’s the fate of the current (Montrose) campus building, per HISD?
    Tear-down, re-purpose or sell?

  • Where’s the football field and stands?