Here’s a Big Sign That the LA Fitness on Yale Is Almost in Good Enough Shape To Open Next Month

Here are a few shots of 195 Yale St. just south of I-10 from yesterday afternoon, showing workers a few letters away from spelling out the long-delayed LA Fitness at the Yale Street Market shopping center. The sign, which faces the freeway, was completed by the end of the day:


A second sign is going up this morning around the corner, above the building’s front entrance, facing a parking lot across from the Yale St. bridge over White Oak Bayou:

The LA Fitness building is directly north of Cost Plus World Market; Sprouts anchors the opposite end of the row of big boxes, which sits on the former site of San Jacinto Stone. The health club’s latest scheduled opening date is the end of November.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Finally, how long has that been in the works? 3 years? Does anyone know what caused it to take so long to finish?

  • I heard it was due to structural issues with the building, likely related to its close proximity to the bayou. This seems to be consistent with the construction and demolition work that I’ve seen on the site (removal and rebuilding of front facade, etc).

  • My understanding was a lawsuit. The building was built smaller than the original plans which caused issues with placement of pool etc. The courts had to work it out. Looks like it got worked out. Can’t wait for it to open!

  • They’re working on CA time…laid back..only been 3 years, similar pace for Austin locations.
    .chill…smoke a dube…sign up for a membership while you prob.

  • I hope it does not take as many years to get into shape as it did for them to build it!

  • I very recently had a conversation with a civil engineer that did sitework on this property. He said one of the main causes of the delay was that the front corner piers closest to the bayou were initially not sunk deep enough. Though he had recommended these piers be sunk deeper, LA Fitness did not want to add the additional cost. They were resting in sediment. After the slab was poured, the weight of the concrete caused the piers to shift, so guess what? They had to be replaced by deeper piers. Shows how cutting costs can cost you more sometimes.

  • Spoke to a representative at another LA Fitness location, Marquee location, and he told me it would be open between Dec 2 and 15th. LOL I can’t wait that long.