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  • What a brilliant woman. She has extended her 15 minutes using guile, cunning, and good looks. Her impact on the political landscape far exceeds her experience, knowledge or ability.

  • Palin probably landed another lucrative deal for this stint. Send her back to Alaska – we neither need nor want her intolerance – a real hypocrite.

  • Every time I hear about more and more people protesting Chick-fil-a it makes me hungrier for there delicious meals. I could give a rats ass who they donate there money too. People who don’t agree with there beliefs don’t have to eat there. I plan on going to eat there on Aug. 1 just because I think it’s funny that everyone is making such a big deal over it…and I am not even christian!

  • BFD. Her 15 minutes was over 4 years ago. Stop giving her so much attention and she’ll go away.

  • She is such a disgusting soul! And stupid, But brilliant at PR!

  • She embodies the core problems underlying the lacking of intelligent discourse in the political arena and in this country in general. Her 15 minutes of fame set this country back 15 years within the scheme of social evolution…..I mean creation….I mean intelligent design….I mean, all of them.

  • Does she like chikin? You betcha!!

  • Disgustingly vile…she fits right in with The Woodlands!

  • Wow. Such palin hate. I can see having differences of opinions but raw hate? Really? Kinda sad

  • @Cody,

    I agree. I don’t care for the woman or her politics. But hate? No thanks.

    Someone here called her intolerant. What I see in these posts is a whole lotta intolerance.

  • Apparently catatat can eat chicken, but doesn’t know the difference between there and their.

  • Cody, i don’t see any hate against the woman herself here except one small by-line. most posts here actually admire her abilities to have gotten so far. we just hate what she represents and how it reflects on our country and what our political arena has become.

    i’d love to see you back up her political depth if you think we’re all being unfair here though.

  • What does this have to do with Houston’s real estate landscape ?

  • I think I saw her at the Heights Walmart. She was giving the thumbs up to the construction crew.

  • Yes, many of the Palin haters are tolerant provided you share their same views. Merely being pro-traditional marriage does not make one a bigot. Please keep in mind that President Obama was never labeled a bigot before he came out in support of gay marriage.

  • Not to stir up a political maelstrom, but I would kindly remind commenters that our own representative, the sartorially splendiferous (ahem) Shiela Jackson-Lee, once famously inquired whether the Mars rover would be able to spot the American flag planted on the red planet by our astronauts. But, sure, let’s toss Palin under the bus on a local real estate blog. About as original and tactful as the lady congresswoman’s many hats…

  • I could care less about fast food chicken or close minded opinions. Some people love both and that is their right. Those same folks also tend to like Palin, who looks like she’s about 15 minutes away from a career in porn.

  • I ate at Chick-fil-A this weekend and loved every bite. I’ll eat there again this week, because their Chicken minis are amazing. And I’ll most likely eat there a few thousand more times before I die. Every one of us could find a reason to not eat at a restaurant or not give our business to someone based on the beliefs or opinions of the owner or ceo. However, if we did that, we’d have no place to eat or place to buy our toilet paper. And by the way, Palin could probably out run most of you 48 year old women on here, even after eating a ChickFila sandwich.

  • And I remind people that this lady was running to be next in line to the president. Intolerance is one thing, but this lady is no where near competent enough to run this country. This lady is nothing but flash and no substance.

  • I wish I owned the Chick-Fil-A on 59 near Kirby. That thing prints money and they do an excellent job at the drive thru.

  • “even after eating a ChickFila sandwich.”
    I lol’d :)

  • It’s fine to boycott them but when politicians try to ban them from cities we’ve gone too far. If we allow the government that much power imagine what they’ll do to you when someone who doesn’t agree with you is in office. What if someone like Jerry Falwell was elected as an alderman somewhere. Would we want to set a precedent that they could use to ban anyone who supports gay marriage?

  • Not sure what this has to do with Houston real estate other than a Chick-Fil-A in The Woodlands.

    But, reading these comments is quite humorous as I could easily substitute Obama for Palin and they read about the same. Shows how far we’ve fallen as a nation . . .

  • Totally digging the little kid in the front.

  • This country is more divided then ever, our economy is still a wreck, our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, a mad man kills people with automatic weapons in Colorado… yet we are wasting time worrying about a chicken restaurant and a political hack from Alaska…

    Congratulations you have been distracted from what really matters!

  • Spot ON Marcy — I love that one too.

  • Agree with the posters above. What does this have to do with Houston real estate?

  • @Timothy- Traditional marriage is just a throw away term made up by people who want to drive a gut reaction. Marriage today does not represent traditional marriage which includes wives as the property of their husbands, polygamy and incest. I guess it was hard to turn from those as well.

    The PR genius that came up with traditional marriage is being dishonest with the term though, and whatever your beliefs, you should realize that.

    I find Sarah Palin vile. She represents an anti-intellectual trend in American politics. She stirs hatred and spreads lies and, for that, she is detestable. These are not behaviors to tolerate so the idea that one should be tolerant of her is an anathema.

    The owners of Chik fil-a can do what they want with their money. People can vote for, against, or indifferent with their dollars. I am not bothered at all by that. What bothers me is that the same people that call for a boycott of Kraft for posting a picture of a rainbow colored oreo and cry for corporate neutrality, now call a boycott of Chik fil-a homo-facism. Just because you are losing the war, you can’t have it both ways.

    Now back to real estate.

  • Chick-Fil-A is a privately held company and they can do what they please (as long as it’s within the law). Freedom of speech cuts both ways but evidently is only respected by one side. The protesters are hypocrites.

  • Obama has far less experience and ability and the Libs love him.

  • Why is this Swamplot-Worthy? Is there some kind of real estate/architecture angle that I’m missing? This is the kind of crap I come here to avoid.

  • @commonsense- General Mills in Minneapolis is being protested against by members of NOM for their opposition to the MN marriage ammendment. Are those proestors hypocrites? In order for your statement to have any credibility they have to also be hypocrites to you.

    @Trey, because being mayor of a small town, multiple college dropout, beauty queen and one-term Governor of the 47th most populous state. That is just indicitive of the anti-inellectual streak running through the Tea Party sheep and their sources for information.

  • Bang on the money Texpat

  • Texpat:
    Please tell us what lies Sarah is spreading.

  • Swamplot is about more than just real estate, it is about community — about where we live, and what that place is like. Reasonable people can disagree about where Houston should fall on the scale of 100% central planning to 100% liberalism.

    The irony is, of course, that in this case it is the radical right who are the most liberal, and the radical left who are the most conservative.

    Here’s something we can all agree on: at all costs, avoid hypocrisy. In that respect, both sides of the aisle should condemn Palin, who is the very symbol of saying one thing and doing another.

  • The prize for the biggest political lie of 2009 went to Sarah Palin, the darling of the American right, for injecting fictitious “death panels” into the health reform debate.

    How is that for a start? I’d overload the comments page if included the hundreds of others.

  • Here is a real estate angle, in finance we focus on debt-coverage ratios. Treasuries are at historic lows and under Bush & Obama we have added $10,000,000,000,000 in new debt, if treasuries return to their historic average $1,000,000,000,000 in annual tax receipts will go to debt service, how do you like that (negative) ratio? Try to get a loan on that project. Too many of you have lost site of the important issues faced by all Americans and Chick-fil-a isn’t one of them but makes for a good distraction from reality. Give us a break and hope to see you at Chick-fil-a!

  • Texpat, there are nuts on both sides. However, in order for your statement about the Tea Party to have any credibility, you must cede that the other side is represented by the lazy OWS, chronic welfare recipients, and the crowd that naively and stubbornly believes that if they steal money from the rich, they will live in a sociallist utopia.

  • Everytime I dip my tasty nuggets into special sauce, I think of Sarah Palin and her daughter.

  • It seems to me that Texpat and other Libs do exactly what they accuse Sarah of doing. They spread wild accuastions with no proof to back up their statements. And they do it with brilliant statements like “she’s so dumb”. She’s been the mayor of a city and a governor of a state and she makes millions speaking to groups. Please tell us what amazing things you’ve done with your life Texpat.

  • @texpat

    I respectfully disagree that “traditional marriage” is a throwaway term. Sure, there have been other forms of marriage in world history, but the fact of the matter is that in the United States, far and away the most common and institutionalized form of marriage is that between a man and a woman, recognized by a religious authority. The government co-opted the institution for its own purposes with regards to taxation, among other things.

    As a gay man with from a religious family, including a Baptist minister brother, I completely understand how many Christians are offended by a push to allow marriage between two members of the same sex. The problem is that marriage to them is deeply rooted in religion. It is like calling any tissue a Kleenex, even if it wasn’t manufactured by Kimberly-Clark. While to many this seems like a distinction without a difference, to many Christians, there is a fundamental difference between a marriage and a civil union.

    Part of the solution lies in getting the government out of the marriage business. I think a great deal of the debate Stateside would be settled if we, like some European countries, gave out licenses for civil unions (straight or gay) and leave the marriage part to the discretion of religious bodies.

    I am sorry that you find Sarah Palin vile. She’s a loving mother who has worked tremendously hard to provide for her family, and was tremendously popular as governor of Alaska before she was painted as a dummy by the media. The “death panel” debate is far from clear cut, so I will also disagree with you on the notion of her “spreading lies” and hate.

  • LIke it or not, socialized health care means RATIONING of HEALTH care. So, call it a death panel, rationing, whatever. If you are extremely ill or aging, a government employee will have SOME say in the treatment you receive. Hey, at least with Obamacare I guess we will no longer have patients from all over the world flocking to the states (esp the Houston Medical Center) for quality health care. ALl the unused parking spaces can be used for the lines of people waiting to see a doctor.

  • I want to order some Chick-fil-a from Amazon. Can I do that?

  • I hear the healthcare in CUBA is top notch. Why do all these foreigners waste their time at teh Houston Medical CEnter?

  • @ Trey, Well, for starters I’ve managed to stump you enough that you can’t respond with facts but just circuitous nonsense.

    You asked about a lie and I gave you one…so you respond with statements of opinion and not fact.

    @ commonsense, I certainly will cede that there are people on both sides of any argument that take it too far. I think the various politicians who have weighed in by threatening Chik fil-a have gone a step too far. As long as Cf-a abide by any laws regulating equal treatment, etc. then where the owners donate is their choice. It is dangerous ground to try and block a business based on the owner’s beliefs and speech.

    That said, taxing the wealthy is not stealing. Our tax code has become completely irrational. The tax debate has been hijacked by the TP Republicans who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the truth that taxes under this president have not gone up.

    You are wrong to paint everyone on the left as poor or lazy. I am center left and I am neither. There is a strong correlation between level of education and liberal thought so your broad brush smear of liberals (which isn’t a pejorative) is baseless.

  • Palin quit the Gubnorship, so I wouldn’t really call her Gubnernor.
    She couldn’t take the heat when it got hot in the kitchen.
    Like Coach use to say…”Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

  • Trey and everyone else, I think we should all acknowledge that none of us are above hypocrisy. Calling someone else a hypocrite is…well, hypocritical. Further, referring to eaach other derisively as Libs or Neocons adds nothing of value to civil political discourse. Have we really come to a point where we can’t disagree on an issue or person without resorting to name-calling?

  • @ extex, I have to disagree, ex. Liberal is used as a pejorative, conservative as a badge of honor and neocon as a pejorative by Republicans to dismiss other Republicans as not conservative enough.

    It is also not hypocritical to point out hypcrisy in another. A hypocrite says one thing and does another. Pointing that out is not hypocritical in itself.

    I do think that adults should be able to have rational conversations without unsubstantiated name calling. I am doing my best to back my opinions with facts.

    @Robert Boyd, I get your joke…funny.

    @Timothy, I appreciate your discourse but I will continue to disagree. What people call “traditional marriage” is not, in fact, the traditional form of marriage. For far longer, wives were the property of their husbands and this was sanctioned by the Chrisitan churches. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that this ended.

    The RC church didn’t include marriage in cannon law until 1563. The idea of marriage in some form is about 4,500 years old. Prior to that people generally formed tribal family units.

    In the time of Abraham, adultry was punishable by death if committed by a woman yet a man could have multiple wives. Today adultry and divorce are as common as the doves that crap on my car.

    All this is not to say that people can’t think of marriage as being one thing and not something else. I am just saying that the term “traditional marriage” was coined to elicit an emotional response and is, therefore, a throw-away term. Had you ever heard of marriage as being referred to as “traditional” befor last year?

    As for your characterization of Sarah Palin, you see an apple and I see a rotting orange. I don’t understand how someone could respect a person who has added nothing to the tone of discourse in this country, but has instead been a false-victim and divisive figure. She is a negative voice in society that spews simple sound bites.

    To each his own though. If you want to think of her as a loving mother then go ahead. I think that in her quest for fame and money she has done irreperable harm to her children.

  • @Ron,

    That is exactly the sort of characterization that Sarah Palin would make. If it is this then it must also be that; which is an irrational leap. There are not now, nor were there palnned, or will there ever be death panels. The term is an utter falsity raised as a scare tactic.

    Health care as an industry is going nowhere. Why do you think our US system would have any effect on those who come here from elsewhere?

  • The Palins in the Woodlands? Sounds about right.

  • @texpat,

    Thank you for providing facts to illustrate a point with which I agree. Sarah Palin aside, I would like to add one thing. I don’t know how one could ever produce proof of this assertion, but I strongly suspect she is part of a larger network of misinformation-spewing, well-paid “speakers” (a.k.a. talking heads) who seem to view Americans as voting blocs rather than people. By aligning with Christians and monied donors, and through the incitement of emotional responses with terms like “Traditional Marriage,” the Republican party collects the votes of these groups through pandering and speech meant only for the public sphere. We sound like a fanatical country rather than one based in logic and reason. (Side note, ironically, one of David Koch’s news sites and foundations is called “Reason.com.” haha) I am constantly baffled by how politicians can straight up lie and get away with it, even when their lies are debunked they continue to repeat them on the premise that if they repeat them often enough, people begin to believe in them. Sarah Palin is rightly one of their spokespersons for her beauty and snarky commentary. What these folks do behind the cameras is what we should really be focusing on. I fear their actions are far more sinister than their words.

  • @Ron:
    The whole rationing and socialized medicine argument is getting old. Rationing in medical care occurs today, and it has occurred for the last 25 years. Most insurance plans have in-network doctors and hospitals which provide care at lower costs. Choose out of network, and it costs you. This is a form of rationing. Prescription drugs are usually tiered by out of pocket expense. This is also rationing by private free market insurance companies. They also employ their own medical advisors to determine whether you really need that elective surgery. That is rationing. If you are poor and lack insurance, you probably go without medical care. Again, that is rationing. And last I saw, the ACA (Obamacare) keeps the private insurance companies around, and hands them several million new customers.

  • We’ve had death panels for years. Hospitals aren’t above refusing a patient transfer because of “liability” issues and private insurance companies are notorious for denying claims. Why scream about them now? Oh yeah, cause our President is half black…

  • If Chick fil A is by-the-Book against homosexuality, I wonder what they think about Pailn’s two grandkids, both created by sex out of wedlock!! (shotgun wedding for the second grandkid). So much for her abstinence programs. Religious nuts = nearly always hypocrites. Never eaten at Chick Fil A because I don’t want one more penny advancing such moral hypocrites agenda.

  • Palin=PR genius= media whore=pandering right wing hypocrite

  • Talk about hypocrites. Just because someone has an opinion different form yours, doesn’t mean they are hypocrites. Gays can eat anywhere they wish, even Chic-Fil-A. Nobody ever said that gays were not people deserving of respect. The fact that some people don’t believe that gay marriages are right doesn’t make them bad. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion. When gays star acting a little more tolerant toward others, then others will be more tolerant toward them. Why can’t we all just get along?

  • @texpat:

    A simple yes or no question, if I may: do you admire Kim Kardashian?

  • @lonesomedove,

    I laughed so loud I woke the cat!!

  • @lonesomedove No, I do not admire Kim Kardashian. American pop-culture, just like our politics, is in the gutter. Self-serving media manipulators don’t make good celebrities or politicians. SHe has made more of a mockery of marriage than two loving same sex partners ever could.

    Why do you ask?

    @ Dan, A hypocrite is someone who does one thing and says another. A hypocrite is not somene you don’t agree with. People call Sarah Palin a hypocrite because she does one thing and says another. This isn’t debatable. There are numerous illustrations of this, from the bridge to nowhere, to her disparagement of working mothers, she espouses one thing and does another, while her seemingly brainless cadre of supporters adulates her.

    I also find it interesting that you would say “When gays start acting a little more tolerant toward others, then others will be more tolerant toward them.” So you are saying gays should be tolerant of people who call them vile, unnatural, abominations, etc. and this will somehow make the people who hold those opinions more tolerant? Do you see the flaw in that logic?
    If you said that some other minority group was any of those things do you think that would be ok? Do you think members of that group should just say “oh, that’s ok; it’s just his opinion and he’s entitled to it.” Do you think those people would respond or be defensive? Would generally moral people find a problem with that?

    Opinions based in religion are tough to change but let’s not forget that the bible has been used at various times to support segregation, slavery, women as second class citizens, polygamy, rape and a whole host of things that the population generally believe are wrong today.

    The real hypocrites here are the folks on the right that decry every company that comes out in favor of gay marriage or gay rights. They say that companies should stay neutral in the culture wars. They do that because they are losing. When a relatively small fast food chain comes down on their side they are no longer for neutrality and they scream about the very things that they call for of those other companies (boycotts, protests, etc.)as being unfair or bullying. That is hypoocrisy.

  • @texpat
    Spot on.

  • texpat, I have enjoyed your thoughtful commentary. :-)

  • Sweet Tea! Ted Cruz is going to Washington and Sarah was in the Woodlands to help out and eat chicken.

  • @texpat, you are my hero.
    What I don’t understand about the religious angle of the gay marriage issue is why religious folks get to say they’re against gay marriage because of the bible yet they eat shellfish and pork and don’t believe in having slaves or beating their wives. The bible talks more about shellfish than it does gay people. It is totally hypocritical and I don’t understand why they’re not getting called out on it more. Because young people generally don’t have a problem with gay people and aren’t particularly religious, this issue will go away on it’s own with time. I just wish it could be today.

  • In my opinion, gays wanting a special minority status is equivalent to drunk drivers demanding such. Any logical person knows drunk driving is a personal choice but drunks insist they can’t help it because they’re addicted to alcohol. Imagine drunk drivers forming an organization DDAM (Drunk Drivers Against Mothers), having a drunk pride parade, demanding to join Boy Scouts of Ameica to drive the field trip buses, protesting businesses that don’t allow drinking, and considering the Tipsy Tow program is discriminatory.

  • Commonsense is either the biggest troll in the history of message boards or the dumbest person in the world. Seriously? You’re equating homosexuality with drunk driving?

    I take it you’re a follower of the Bible. Please let me know where you live so that when I knock on your door as a stranger, you’ll have to whore out your daughter to me because that too, is in the “good” Book.

  • @ commonsense, that is because you believe that being gay is a choice. If sexuality were a choice then you would be able to tell us when you chose yours. When was that exactly?

    If you really lived to your moniker, your common sense would tell you that it is not a choice. You may not understand it or be able to relate but you would know that sexuality isn’t chosen.

    Why would someone choose to make themselves the objects of criticism and violence? Why would they select a life that is harder that it has to be? The common sense answer is that they wouldn’t.

    Their sexuality is just as inate as any heterosexual’s. I don’t know where or how it comes about but I can tell that it isn’t a choice. I have never heard a single gay person say they chose to be gay and I have to believe them and understand that they aren’t trying to perpetrate some big cosmic conspiracy or joke. Ha ha the joke is on you guys…we really did choose to be gay.

    And don’t bother with the line about they could choose not to act on it. That is as silly as asking straight people not to act on their sexual urges.

    Also, skip the bestiality and pedophilia references. Animals can’t have consensual relationships with humans. Children cannot generally have consensual relationships with adults. I say generally because as a country we prosecute 18 year olds for having consenual sex with 15 year olds and I don’t know that it is the right thing to do. But I digress..

  • For the correct application of “irony”, please see comment 65.

  • @Commonsense

    Did you just equate homosexuality to Drunk driving?? lol whut?
    Homosexuality is not a choice as you insinuate.

    From the American Physiological Association

    “Is homosexuality a mental disorder?
    No, lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientations are not disorders. Research has found no inherent association between any of these sexual orientations and psychopathology. Both heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are normal aspects of human sexuality. Both have been documented in many different cultures and historical eras. Despite the persistence of stereotypes that portray lesbian, gay, and bisexual people as disturbed, several decades of research and clinical experience have led all mainstream medical and mental health organizations in this country to conclude that these orientations represent normal forms of human experience. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships are normal forms of human bonding. Therefore, these mainstream organizations long ago abandoned classifications of homosexuality as a mental disorder.”

  • commonsense = greatest troll I’ve seen on this site in a while. Well done.
    As for: Capn McBarnacle:Why is this Swamplot-Worthy?”
    Hmmm, let’s se… 70 comments so far (71 including mine). Gus is running a business. Nothing wrong with that at all. He’s not going to post about paint drying.

  • @Purdueenginerd. So if your argument is that homosexuality is a mental “condition” then I submit to you that the medical establishment also concluded that alcoholism is a mental “condition”, so is pedofelia, so is being a serial killer. The determination whether any of those are “disorders” is based on which way the wind is blowing in a society.

    So, being labeled a troll is equivalent to having an opposing and strong opinion? I’ll take that as a complement.

    Besides, the gays seem to have a very thin skin for critical satire. Come on, drunk driving pride parade, that’s funny.

  • A true sign of mental illness is having sex with someone who is capable of spawning a child and ruining your life for the next 18 years.

  • @commonsense… Where does he say anywhere that homosexuality is a “mental condition?”

    What I see here is that you get out-debated and you just move on to the next line of illogical debate.

    If sexuality is a mental condition then I ask again, when did you choose yours? If you didn’t then why do you think others do?

  • @commonsense

    You clearly didnt read the links. It’s not a mental disorder, and not a disease. Your homophobia shouldn’t prevent an american his/her rights because he/she is different from you. Even if you do not fundamentally agree with the studies, the drunk driver and the alchohlic still have more rights than a homosexual (which btw, your comparisons are terrible). Lets not forget that a mere 50 years ago ‘Christianity’ was used as a tool to prevent interracial marriage. Are you going to tell me next that black and whites marrying is related to alcoholism, or drunk driving (I would hope not)? Homosexuality is not a choice as texpat indicated above. We, as people, shouldnt discriminate against people just because they are ‘different’- that my friend is simply un-american. Your strong opinion, is the fundamentally the wrong opinion. Your promotion of homophobia encourage society to outcast, demean, and indicate that Homosexuals are living in the wrong (something they can’t prevent). That societal discrimination leads to harassment, higher suicide rates, murder, and a much harder life for those individuals. In essence, this is a country of freedom and you are denying freedom for a segment of the population.

  • Just wait @purdue, the next line is always how denying them the right to discriminate IS discrimination against their religion….

  • @Purdue
    Firstly, I never mentioned anything about religion, you guys keep bringing it up.

    Secondly, I still have not heard or seen any argument that changes my opinion on the matter.

    Thirdly, I should point out that my stance is based on dealing with numerous gay people by living near Montrose and in real estate business. The gay community IS the most intolerant, exclusionary, and discriminatory group of people that currently exist. (Not to mention flamboyantly annoying)

    Therefore, unless things change in the future, I will continue to discriminate against them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Real estate employee admitting he discriminates…How original…

    I’m done. You’ve been out debated and lack all logic.

  • @Commonsense,
    Maybe you experience intolerance and exclusion from “Montrose gays” because you discriminate against them. Not all Montrose gays are annoying and flamboyant.

  • I went with a couple of my lesbian girlfriends to a big lesbian party during Gay Pride, and I’d have to say the overall crowd was pretty intolerant of me. Changed my whole perspective of the “gay scene”.

  • Oh. Oh. @Trey who said:
    “She’s been the mayor of a city and a governor of a state and she makes millions speaking to groups. Please tell us what amazing things you’ve done with your life Texpat.”
    Really Trey?! That’s mean. Have you cured cancer lately yourself?
    And Palin had just become Gov. of AK when she quit because something shinier caught her attention. She’s a Beauty Queen. A hard-working Spokes-model. That is all.
    The Tea Party (her employer) wants to gain legitimacy by getting a voting base in TX. Utimately make a three party system in the U.S. Maybe it’s time for it. Maybe the Green Party will also get up to speed here in TX.
    And Chik Fil-A just wants to make money. But if I ran a business situated next-door to them, this week I’d be planning to move! to allow my customers to get to my door.

  • @Purdueenginerd. Out-debated? I hardly think so. You’re “done”? What’s next you’re going to hold your breath until you pass out?

    You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

    Since this entire debate rests on opposing “opinions”, we’ll just have to put it up to majority vote. Oh, wait, Texas (and vast majority of the country) voters have already spoken.

  • you presented no facts, no citations, nothing…

    also… gay rights supporters outnumber the none.


  • A vote huh? I bet you consider yourself a conservative too. Well, the Constitution protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. That should be a true conservative ideal. Never before have someone’s rights been put to a vote and that vote stood the test of time. It is also only a matter of time before those votes are ruled unconstitutional as they should be. DOMA is already doomed.

    You have presented no facts. You just move from one uninformed statement to another. You lack the coomon sense you espouse in your mischosen monniker.

  • Regarding @texpat’s question #74: “If sexuality is a mental condition then I ask again, when did you choose yours? If you didn’t then why do you think others do?”
    I believe the fact that the question was never answered and blatantly avoided by the individual to whom it was directed tells you everything you need to know.
    We can only hope he holds his breath until he passes out.

  • I don’t answer dumb or rhetorical questions.

    What you people peddle as “facts” are still merely your opinions.

    To add to my points… Equating gay rights to civil rights is a good PR stunt, but are light years apart. Marriage like driver’s license is a privilege, NOT a right, and gays are not a recognized and legitimate minority, therefore there IS NO fight for rights, your’s is a right for SPECIAL TREATMENT. And that just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • “Marriage like driver’s license is a privilege, NOT a right”

    Wrong again.. Here’s some “facts” for you
    1967- United States Supreme court. Unanimous Decision that made it unconstitutional for states to ban interracial marriage. The court ruled that Virginia’s anti-miscegenation statute violated both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In its decision, the court wrote:


    Here’s a quote from the very supreme court statement!

    “Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival…. To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.”

    since you have difficulty reading, I’ll quote the important part again.
    “Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,”
    And to further sink it home, since I assume youre a strict constitutionalist. Here is the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clauses.


  • Facts don’t matter when you’re closed-minded. It’s easier to spew hate than to accept reality or to engage in thoughtful, informed discussion.
    Commonsense says gays may not be a “recognized and legitimate minority” but we have laws in this country that preclude discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (aka those ‘flamboyantly annoying’ people who are the most ‘exclusionary that exist..’) That’s not special treatment, it’s just the right thing to do. I’m thankful these laws exist because of people like commonsense.
    Bigot (noun) – a person who is utterly intolerant of any ideas other than his/her own, esp on religion, politics or race.
    Preclude (verb) – to prevent the presence, existence, or occurrence of; make impossible

  • P.S. Even people that are allowed marry, still have to Qualify to marry. They still have to show they’re not related, they still have to show they’re of proper age, they have to show there is only one spouse, and in some places they have to pass a blood test. So, the Qualification of marriage having to be between a man and a woman is the least restrictive and the one that makes most sense… and has nothing to do with civil rights.

  • @commonsense –
    Clarification: You don’t answer questions that are direct, clear and that would expose your flawed and hypocritical rhetoric.
    It’s not that the question is “dumb.” It’s the answer you don’t like. Accountability is a b*tch.

  • If you’d like to know where your hard-earned dollars go, visit:
    Use it to make a more informed buying decision.

  • To be provided the same treatment under the law isn’t special rights; it is equal rights!

  • If you don’t agree with gay marriage, you will be bullied until you do. It’s their way or the highway. Tolerance only goes one way. Their way.

  • @C. Darwin: Sounds like you’re probably still pissed off about emancipation.

  • as a mom to two children who attend sassy feet dance studio who was there that night, i wanted to correct your headline a little bit… she was not in the woodlands mall, she was at the kuykendahl/2920 location. regardless of your political views, please be mindful that children know how to use the internet, and if they attend this studio this is on of the many sites that pops up… so please be kind. thanks so much! :)