Here’s Where the First Trader Joe’s Is Going — in The Woodlands

Woodlanders wondering where Trader Joe’s is going to land, here’s your answer: Next to Petco in the Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center at 10868 Kuykendahl Rd., across from the H-E-B market at the intersection of Woodlands Pkwy. There’s nothing too dramatic about the plans for it, either: It’ll be a 13,500 sq. ft. space, with what looks like a typical shopping-center storefront:


If workers beat the construction crews further south busy flooding the former Alabama Theater with concrete, this might be the first Trader Joe’s to open in the Houston area. Anybody driving by wanna send us a photo that shows how construction has progressed so far?

Images: Realm Realty

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  • Everyone knows, if it’s good, it happens in The Woiodlands (TM).

  • bleh, what a disappointment… :(

  • YES! to all you “cool” people inside the loop – suck it

  • @nic lol…where does that leave us lukewarm people between the two?

    i guess the allure of TJs will remain for me, as it will still require that i make a [slightly less] significant commute. since i can’t fly with wine any more, i’m kind of ok with that.

  • It’s OK, nic, I’m fine sucking things that don’t come from Trader Joe’s.

  • Everyone knows, if it’s typical of a certain socio-economic model, it happens in The Woodlands.
    But wait!
    Why the Hell hasn’t The Woodlands got a Whole Foods yet?

  • Why hasn’t the woodlands gotten anything other that boring national chains that every other exburb in North America has?

    Your not competing with the inner loop. your competing with the Sugarlands and killing rural East Texas at the same time.

    Let me know when they get anything original.

  • Finally!!! Been waiting for 7 years since we moved from Roseville Ca.
    So excited to finally get the greatest store ever!

  • Whole Foods mabye can see through the trees and wants to avoid the ignorance.
    The “conservation” idea is cute, but the conservative agenda is not. I cannot speak for all but…eh.

  • I dont see how a TJ could be better than Central Market. Can someone expain that? Thanks

  • Could care less. The Woodlands was nice in the 1970’s,way before all of the tacky suburban sprawl development RUINED the area with mindless housing tracts, temples of consumerism aka shopping centers,a mall, the bug infested outdoor concert arena aka The Cynthia Mitchell Pavillion (which is directly under Intercontinental Airport flight path -which ruins concerts),etc. I was in the Woodlands in 1991 and don’t plan on going back. Nothing there interesting. Very boring,bland and vapid …

  • @hardworkingwoman – cut CM’s prices by about 50%

  • TJ isn’t “better” than Central Market, Whole Foods or even the little Revival Market in my neighborhood. Going by the one I visited long ago in LA, it will fill a slightly different niche. Will anybody do all their shopping there? Probably not. Will it be worth a visit? Yup, for many of us.

    But I’ll wait until we get one Inside The Loop.

    Meanwhile–when does that Phoenicia open Downtown?

  • Awesome news. I can’t wait!
    I live a couple of blocks away from this location. I will take some pics this weekend and send them to you.

  • I can’t believe how many comments on this article are targeted more at ones dislike of The Woodlands rather than their thoughts on a Trader Joe’s being closer to all of us in SETX as it is the first one.

  • Love, love Trader Joes!! One of the best stores ever for baked goods, unusual frozen dishes, wine, flowers, plants – all at terrific prices. Ever since we left California, my daughter and I have been after them to build one out here. Look out, though..TJ becomes addicting!

  • I just hate this us vs them talk. Why can’t we all just be happy for each other? I love shopping the Inner Loop; there are some great stores, but it’s a big trip. But I’m also glad that Trader Joe’s is coming to The Woodlands so I don’t have to make that trip. (Hoping for a Whole Foods, too.)

  • My mom moved to Afton Oaks as a child & went to Lamar. I grew up in the Galleria area & my family now lives in TW because we work out of our homes and, when that’s the case, TW becomes the more rational place to raise a family. The air is cleaner, the free schools better; the city has been officially declared bike friendly, and the 160 miles of paths are great for a runner like me. I really don’t want to spend $300,000 over 12 years sending my children to private and then never be able to retire. Sometimes as a native Houstonian who lived in H-Town – Galleria, Rice Military, downtown loft – for much, much longer than we have lived here, this back-and forth is tiresome. “Chains” up here include Hubbell & Hudson, 1252, and the G’s, and those who tend to blindly diss TW are simply ignorant. So; fine; I’m glad we’re getting a TJ. Houston’s going to be getting one too.

  • can’t wait. I have had to stop in atl to pick up some of my favorite tj items.

  • Trader Joe’s is a terrific store – great quality and value on all their products. The employees love their jobs and it shows. Believe me, the competition has been trembling in their boots every since TJ’s announced that they were coming to Texas.

  • Finally! I am thankful for anything that makes our life easier and more pleasant. And, for all the haters who have left negative comments about The Woodlands, we don’t want people with your distorted view of the world in our town anyway. STAY AWAY!

  • Susan, I don’t have enough animal print pants or Brighton crosses to make it there anywhere.

  • After all the trash talked from people in the Woodlands and other suburbs (especially after the ExxonMobil relocation news) directed at inner-loopers and the city of Houston, it seems comical now that suburbanites are now bothered by the comments here directed toward them.

  • Wow, you all sound jealous to me. Don’t hate.

  • Just because we live in The Woodlands, we love the city of Houston and go there as often as we can. Why in the world would all of you criticize a another community for getting a really well-liked store? I don’t get it.

  • Yeah.. I really do not understand all the hatred of the Woodlands here. We are part of the Houston area community. Go hate on Dallas or Austin. We love our “city” too. You know, sure its not perfect out here.. and I agree a little too “chain store” oriented.. but its a nice place to raise a family, little crime, lots of trees, no reason to bad mouth it.

  • Wow… Such animosity is just not required! If you don’t like TJ’s or The Woodlands, then don’t come here!

    We’ve been living in The Woodlands for a year. We moved here from out of state. Yes, there are a lot of chain stores and restaurants here, but it’s still a beautiful community with a lot to offer in the way of top-notch public schools, and parks. If you prefer something else, that’s your choice, but don’t bad-mouth the good things that we have here.

    I’m thrilled to be getting a Trader Joes! They have some great, healthier food choices. I’d really love to see a Whole Foods here as well. I wouldn’t do 100% of my grocery shopping in either chain, but they definitely have things to offer that Kroger, HEB, and Randalls don’t offer — Especially for those of us who try to avoid preservatives, additives, and various and sundry other chemicals in our food.

    TJ’s has always been a great place to shop. The employees are always pleasant and the customer service is very good. I can’t wait for the grand opening!

    … AND @Patrick: If you “Could care less” that means that you do care somewhat. What you’re looking to say is that you “COULD NOT care less.” I’m glad you don’t like it here. I am hoping that means you’ll not be coming here. You sound like a very negative, unpleasant person, and your grasp of the English language leaves something to be desired. Surely you were not educated in The Woodlands.

  • Sooo disappointed! The Woodlands is so congested, and hard to get to. There is money all over Houston and the burbs, but the majority of the Woodlands crowd is not a TJ’s target market buyer.

    I hope they put more in and around Houston, with the number of people that live here, we could support several!

  • @27

    “Surely you were not educated in The Woodlands.”

    See, that’s kinda uppity isn’t it?

    You are making the point though. For the us/them attitude.

  • Hey…not everyone in The Woodlands is rich. That is such a misconception. My husband and I are both school teachers and live in The Woodlands and we are certainly not rich. Our son lives in The Woodlands and is a beverage salesman and makes around $80.000 and that is not rich. Our home cost around $220.00 four years ago. I like The Woodlands because unlike Houston and Conroe, they protect trees.

  • “Our home cost around $220.00 four years ago”…. you may want to look at what the median home costs for families in the Houston area honey. You are kinda making their point by acting like you’re all middle class when in actuality you’re living in a house that cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars. I live in Spring & think The Woodlands is the PERFECT place for a TJs. Not everyone who wants to eat healthy gourmet style food is wealthy. I think its ridiculous everyone throwing a hissy fit they put the 1st location in The Woodlands, grow up. You don’t see us throwing a hissy every time they open ANOTHER Whole Foods inside the loop.

  • I’m excited for Texas! I live in California and shop at TJ’s all the time. (I lived in Houston for a brief time ad I partly moved back to CA because there were no TJ’s there. I had to drive to Albuquerque to go to the closest one.)
    In other news, people in Houston like to compare Whataburger to In-N-Out! Not even close… In-N-Out is amazing and Whataburger smells like plastic.

  • My wife and I live in Spring and this location is very close by…only about ten minutes from 2920 and Kuykendahl, going straight up Kuykendahl. The parking lot is a little small but that’s not a big deal…not anywhere like the parking nightmare that has become The Woodlands Mall.

    Even if it were in the Loop, I would not complain, because we’d be going to it no matter where it is located in town; I’m just glad they’re building one. I shop there every time I visit Phoenix to stock up on sweet chili sauce and their cornbread – great stuff.

  • @Patrick: Good…The Woodlands doesn’t want you back.

    The Woodlands is the most well developed and not to mention beautiful suburb of Houston. I am sure the fact that there isn’t a Whole Foods here already only made it more attractive to TJs.

    Welcome, Trader Joe’s!

  • We never get anything good in Clear Lake! I think they should put a TJ where the old Border’s was!!

  • How does one apply to join the Trader Joe’s

  • your all a bunch whinny babies, if you want anything worth while it doesn’t matter where it is. I live in Spring and drive to work by Relient Stadium, so have a little adventure.
    I dont care what is where if it’s something I want I go after it. I”m a California transplant and travel every year bunch a lazy texas good ol boy rednecks, saddle up,cowboy up what ever just go for it.

  • I don’t so much mind the long drive to your store but is it really necessary to freeze us out of the door just as quickly as we came in?!? Seriously!!! I got out as quickly as possible; with about 20% of what I actually came for. Not worth the suffering!!