Hey, You Got Your Blood Orange Tart in My STD Panel!

A view of the mix at the corner strip center at Westheimer and Fountainview, where a driver crashed this morning into the storefront of the Yogurtland at 5901 Westheimer, then plowed through an interior wall into the Any Lab Test Now! location next door.

Photo: KHOU

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  • I’m minding my own business, and trying to enjoy a nice chocolate and boysenberry swirl, when a bunch of “Chlamydia is Not a Flower” pamphlets start flying all over the place. It was madness.

  • Tell that to the woman who named her child Chlamydia. Or is that just an Urban Legend?

  • Is it weird that I have ALWAYS wanted to drive through the front door of a yogurt store?
    Would it be ok if I got permission first?
    Maybe the morning before demolition was supposed to begin, they’d let me plow as far in as my Honda would take me. Honestly, I am dying to do this. I’ll hire my own tow truck. Just tell me when and where.

  • Ribalding: Is it a yogurt store specifically, or any retail store in general? I mean, the broader your horizons, the better chance you probably have of making your dream come true.

  • Any retail establishment, truth be told. But ‘yogurt store’ and ‘dry cleaners’ are at the top of the list, if i ever had a choice.

    I once saw a Range Rover take out a Pilgrim’s Cleaners on Chimney Rock and I was so jealous it ached.

  • miss_msry,

    The hilarious drag queen stylings of Shirley Q. Liquor has a the name of one of her 19 chil’ren as Chlamydia.

  • Those urban legends have been going around since well before anyone had ever heard of Chlamydia. When I was a kid it was a woman naming her twins “Regina and Vagina”