Hidden Heights Compound Between White Oak, Bike Trail Goes Up for Sale

The former art and event space dubbed the Indian Summer Lodge — tucked in between the MKT Trail and Blue Line Bike Lab on the corner of White Oak Dr. and Columbia St. — is now being shopped around to potential new owners. Pictured at top from the north is the 16,170-sq.-ft. trapezoidal property, home to a Quonset hut (shown above) and adjacent lodge building.

A year after the land was briefly rumored to be taking on the Tacos A Go Go that eventually moved in 4 blocks east of it, proprietor Jeff Law sold it in 2010. Since then, most portions of a third treehouse building that also sat on site and included a rooftop balcony have been torn down.

Here’s what $1,649,000 gets you now:


The semi-circular face of the east structure has recently gone gray.

But the outside of the other building looks just as yellow as ever:

At least, the portion you can see of it does. Shoots of bamboo run wild across the property, shading the house’s front entrance — pictured above off Columbia — from the yard and the yard from the adjacent bike trail:

The backdoor:

A few more views of the outdoor furnishings that surround the place:

Photos of outdoor décor: Indian Summer Lodge

Indian Summer Lodge

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  • I once went on a birding hike with a park ranger who was an expert on raptors. Someone in the group asked him how to identify the hawks that sit on telephone poles along the highway in the fall. He said that you have to come up with a lot of good reasons why they aren’t red tailed hawks.
    You need to come up with a lot of good reasons why this property won’t become a townhome farm.

  • Looks pretty much like The State of Nevada.

  • That’s going to be an expensive tear down.

  • It’s priced above where a tear-down would be priced, unless Heights dirt is now >$100/sf.

    Besides, I think these are contributing structures inside Heights South HD. Probably not a teardown.

  • That’s a price point that calls out “future Coltivare parking lot.”

  • Heights dirt (at least that zoned to Harvard and Travis) is in the $100/ft area. But yeah, I think this is “historic.” Also, access is limited.

  • This property is non contributing and was one of many properties dispersed around the Heights that were gerrymandered out as likely to vote against the historic ordinance.

  • If I lived near there I would be very worried! The Bike Lab is moving and Coltivare is taking that area. The three lots together – Coltivare, Bike Lab and Summer Lodge together could be the next Heights Mercantile. Say hello to a something high rise, traffic congested, and filled with drunken late night revelers…

  • Brook Smith- thanks! I can’t wait to drink in Historic structures. My bad.