Hidden Modern: Wylie Vale’s Katy Best

Mod tracker and photographer Ben Hill believes this early-fifties Ranch is the best house Houston architect Wylie W. Vale ever designed in Katy. It’s a little less country — and features more rock — than this Swamplot reader favorite he designed a mile southeast, on Woods Hole Ln.

This 3,345-sq.-ft. single story, which sits on an acre of land near the center of the original town, has been on the market since mid-June, for $375,000. The home was originally built for former mayor Arthur Miller. And it was still in the family when Hill took these photos last year:


A few additional areas of the house are shown in the listing photos, including a Guest Quarters next to the garage. You’ll also see the Living Room’s revised paint color. Alas, no shots of the pink-tile bathroom.

Photos: Ben Hill

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  • I love it!

  • I never thought I’d consider living in Katy, but this house proves that you should never say never….

  • I love it too! The avocado green appliances in the kitchen bring back memories…

  • What a great house.

    It’s amazing so many avocado green (and sunflower yellow) appliances have survived all these years. You couldn’t buy that kind of quality now. My parents still had their working 30+ years old avocado appliances when they sold their house in 2000. Their brand new house has already had its fridge and dishwasher replaced.

  • Neat house! And the matching appliances! I had the (probably) exact same oven that came with my house – it died soon thereafter, though :(

  • The tile floor in the utility room photo on the HAR page is wonderful.

  • Kitchen sink — what is that large backside of the sink for? Where the faucets are. Looks like something could be under it, running the entire length.

  • The living room looks like a funeral parlour.

  • Very period-appropriate. Not my tastes, personally, but I can appreciate the aesthetics.

  • Whether you like the style or not, (I like) you’ve got to admit it has been very well maintained.

  • I always wondered where they filmed ‘Golden Girls’. My bet on Orlando was apparently incorrect.

    I like this style of house a ton, and wish people understood the trend is back to 1 story houses and away from stairs…but it’s still Katy…

  • Any house built by Wylie Vale would be a treasure