High Above Hwy. 6 Next to the Barker Spillway, After and Before the Waters Came

Here’s a commandeerable after-and-before flooding shot, taken from a drone hovering 300 ft. above Hwy. 6 just north of the Barker Reservoir spillway. Move the slider at the bottom of the image to toggle slowly between the 2 views, taken Thursday, August 24th (on the right, not long before the arrival of Hurricane Harvey) and Tuesday, August 29th (on the left, after stormwater filled the reservoir and the flooded the area). You can also rotate and zoom the image with your pointing device or finger.

In the initial view, the camera is facing straight down Addicks-Howell Rd.; the wider Hwy. 6 appears to veer off to the left. Addicks-Howell marks the entrance to Fleetwood, the adjacent neighborhood. Rotate the view 180 degrees to see the spillway.

Houston visualization firm Reality Imaging & Mapping Technologies took the panoramic images and stitched them together to create the immersive and zoomable view, which can also be experienced as a VR image. Click here to view the image in its own browser window.

Image: Reality Imaging & Mapping Technologies

Harvey Media

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  • I can see my house from here :(
    That “dry” view is most definitely NOT from August 24th. It’s clearly a post-flood view. Look how all of the yards are scraped clean by the debris removal crews. Prior to the flood, Fleetwood was full of lush, pristinely-maintained green lawns.

  • @Grant I agree…plus the reservoir is still full and releasing water in the “dry” view.