High-Octane Strip-to-Bar Redo Slated Next to Midtown Gas and Greyhound Stations on Main

Coming soon to the strip of vacant 1920s storefronts along Main — catty-corner to the Greyhound bus station at Webster St. and directly north of the Shell station at Hadley: a new bar dubbed Pour Behavior. The 12,600-sq.-ft. building — once home to the Houston Spinal Pain Center, Ambassador Shoe Repair, Liviko’s Printing, Gold & Silver Buyers & Sellers, and the Salvation Army — sits on just over 3 quarters of an acre. A parking lot neighbors it on the corner of Travis and Webster where Downtown Body Shop was demolished a couple of years ago.

The aerial above pictures the whole property with some two-tone manipulation courtesy of the Oxberry Group, which had — but dropped — plans to redevelop it and bring in new restaurants and retailers a few years after the auto shop vanished. A new developer bought the building last year. The rendering above — released on Facebook by the bar’s proprietors last week — views the building from the corner of Travis and Webster streets and shows a patio fronting the current parking lot. Further down Webster to the east, a few windows reopen what was once the entrance to Webster St. Pharmacy, adjacent to the parking lot.

Here’s what the Salvation Army’s front face next to the gas station looked like before it closed:


Rendering: Pour Behavior. Photos: Wendy M. (Salvation Army); Oxberry Group (aerial)

Pour Behavior

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  • Breathing some life into this block of Main is good news for the neighborhood in general and Central Square in particular.
    The question remains as to where the displaced “leisured indigent” (to use Jane Jacob’s diplomatic term) will reconvene.

  • Big Tex- nail-head -firmly hit. That’s in my vocabulary now.

  • So really what is the difference between a leisured indigent and a leisured non-indigent? One drinks in a conditioned atmosphere or patio during “free” hours and the other drinks wherever and whenever he pleases ..

  • The HOMELESS population will scare off quite a few prospective patrons !! They’ll go to places further away that pass the “ick” test.

  • Happy- then your place it is!

  • This is exactly what that side of midtown needs something big and fun! Also great for the new Camden developments going up. Can’t wait til it opens.

  • Hopefully there will be drink specials each day of the week for the first 10 patrons that get robbed .

    This won’t revive the immediate area; only removing the bus station will help. Also not giving every released inmate an optional bus ticket to houston.

  • The homeless always find a way to survive: after all, they have ALL the time in the world to figure out where to get the free meal and place to sleep.
    My money is still on the ghastly pit of the Greyhound bus station to outlast Pour Behavior. I can already see the bums flocking to the future bar patrons to shake them down (again and again).

  • Would someone please buy the Greyhound property and the gas station across the street from Greyhound. Those 2 properties would look nice if a nice high rise hotel or condo would go up in its place with street level retail. The Greyhound business is a cruddy and unsafe business. I wish Greyhound would move to Channelview or perhaps near Bush Airport.

  • It behooves us to remember that no matter how annoying or disgusting or threatening or inconvenient the bums or homeless or mentally ill or drug addicted may be, they remain human beings.
    I think Bob Dylan’s lyrics have held up pretty well:

  • I am friends with these guys..They never disappoint..First class people, first class establishments!!’…Houston Strong

  • Maybe this will spur the city to do something about the Mcdonalds on Main across from the greyhound as well

  • @jt: That’s quite ominous. What should the city “do about” a McDonald’s? Too much salt on the fries?

  • Midtown is already unlivable because of the loud bar noise, lack of parking, and traffic created by one bar after another. There are already two bars adjacent to each other in the 2300 block of Main and another in the 2400 block of Main. Does any sane person think we need yet another one in the middle of what is a residential area?