Highlights from the Gaggle of $45K, $68K, and $73K Condos Up for Sale in Maplewood Square


A condo collection in Maplewood Square hit the market in mid-December as a series of listings by the same owner. Units are available individually or as part of a “mixed package of occupied, income producing condos.” Similar (but not-identical), the updated units occupy portions of 2 buildings within the 1974 development, which is across from commercial properties near Hillcroft and 2 blocks south of South Braeswood.




Over in Building A, the 1-bedroom units each carry a $45,000 asking price. As shown in listing photos for Unit 103, the condos come with tile floors in the living area downstairs.



The sleeping loft gets carpeting but no door:



Unit 106, meanwhile, displays how the counter space has punched through one side of the kitchen to catch some air between the bar-height counter and the overhead storage:


Viewed from the living area, the kitchen’s dark-finished overhang blends in with the ceiling beams:


Over in Unit 110, the ceiling beams have been neutralized, the kitchen’s overhead storage removed, and the living room’s interior wall peeled back to reveal the stairwell:


This unit’s tiles change pattern and proportion between the living area and kitchen:


The 2-bedroom units are located in Building C (pictured below). Here’s Unit 231, a second floor condo with a $73,000 asking price:



The unit includes a dining area off the kitchen that’s currently used as an office:



Only one of the unit’s 2 bedrooms made the listing photos, but it shows off the wooden flooring and window bay:


For a different take on the 2-bedroom layout, here’s Unit 136, a first floor condo with a $68,000 price tag:


Its tile stylin’ has been installed on the diagonal . . .


squared-off . . .


and with a running-bond pattern:



Common areas shared by the condos include the pool and landscaped grounds. Monthly maintenance fees for the 648-sq.-ft. 1-bedroom units are $335, and $430 for the 887-sq.-ft. 2-bedroom units. Assigned parking in detached garages flanks the development’s footprint on the south and east ends.


HCAD indicates the units all have the same owner, who purchased them between October 2008 and December 2011. HAR listings mention they’re part of a 7-unit mixed package, but only 5 units currently carry that reference.

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  • I love the area but the inside of this Condo is kinda ugly looks they cheaped out on the interior and it was decorated for only one persons taste

  • Are these condos in any way related to the apartments of similar design, around the corner on Glenfield Court?

  • These are exactly like the Glenfield Court apartments. A relative lived in one of the loft-styled ones on Glenfield, and the first condo pictured has the exact layout of her place. And the exact kitchen.

  • those are really high how fees! what the heck are you paying for?