Highpoint North Disciplinary Campus in Greenspoint To Go Through Rehab, Become a Substance Abuse Recovery School

Former Highpoint North Campus, 11902 Spears Rd., Spring, TX, 77067

The 20,000-sq.-ft. building at 11902 Spears Gears Rd. is getting cleaned up for a new gig as a school for Harris County students in recovery from addiction and substance abuse. The spot formerly housed the county’s Highpoint School North, one of several campuses around town that took in expelled students, but has been shut down since 2015. The county Department of Education signed off on the new use for the building this week, and says the school should open in September with capacity for up to 30 post-rehab students for now. The building sits just north of Davis High School, tucked next to the 2-acre lot that’s been built up since 2014 into the grounds of Cá»±c Lạc Buddhist Temple.

Photos: Harris County Department of Education

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  • Back in my day, we called these types of students “delinquents”. But, I’m glad to see progress marches on by calling them “expelled or adjudicated” per the website. “Adjudicated” sounds so high-class, too.
    At first, I wondered why 30 students needed 20,000 SF of space but the website’s touting of low student-to-teacher ratio probably doesn’t take into account the security forces needed and not mentioned.
    Since they are taking in students in substance abuse recovery, maybe they don’t need to be HIGHpoint schools (emphasis added) and need a renaming. I heard renaming schools is en vogue.

  • lol “HIGHpoint” :-) yes a good renaming would be good.

    i bet a lot of them were coming there for drugs already when it was still a school for expulsions.