Historic Heights Waterworks Sale; Previewing Most of the Marriott Marquis Downtown Restaurants


Photo of Aris Market Square reflection: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Terrible news about Foreign Correspondents. They had wonderful, exciting, delicious food.

  • Re:Foreign Correspondents and Canard: this is what happens when you open 3 places in a short time period and don’t have enough working capital lined up. It’s called spreading yourself too thin.

  • re: Foreign Correspondence: as much as we want / try to think other wise, Houston is not yet Portlandia or Brooklyn. Foreign Correspondence was a Farm to Market Thai Restaurant specializing in only food from a specific region of Thailand attached to a high-end craft cocktail lounge sharing space in a shopping center with an Asian influenced coffee and donut shop in a still transitioning neighborhood. The “we are sooo cool with our visible tat’s and our cool fedoras” thing oozed from the restaurant when you entered the door and was overwhelming in the Lounge.

  • Off topic, but i didnt see the story about the $41MM reconstruction effort of Cleme Manor in 5th ward. Apparently Sylvester Turner is quite the business man by renovating units at a cost of $165k per rather than new apartments at $250k per unit. He only had to keep the poor people in the poor neighborhood and historically thats worked well…. dont tell him any different or hell call you racist like he did with the Chron staff.

  • That’s actually a reflection of The Catalyst catty corner to Vic and Anthony’s. Aris Market Square is next to Market Square Park.

  • “good on his promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, that would cripple the construction industry even more, its leaders agree.”

    Oh puhleez SMH They aren’t immigrants. Immigrants get permission. They don’t selfishly skip the line and breach an international border for self gain. The people who employ illegal aliens should be locked up.