Hogg Middle School Hopes To Bring Order to Its Backyard Free-for-All with Sports Field, Playground, Batting Cages

Without any formal backyard practice facilities, students make their own fun behind James Hogg Middle School’s Woodland Heights building. But a set of plans the school calls Outside Hogg now aims to tame things at the north end of the property along E. 11th St.

The idea is to redo it as a proper sports field, complete with a scoreboard and bleachers:


Between the field and the school building, an existing basketball court would get repaved. A swale system would go to the west, and on the opposite side of the field a new batting cage and playground would neighbor each other, shy of a path leading out to 11th St. Naming rights are up for grabs on just about all the improvements the school’s proposing, as it looks for the money to make them happen. Assisting in the fundraising is Learn Local, a neighborhood nonprofit that encourages parents to send their kids to Hogg — which has struggled with enrollment — instead of shipping them out to other school zones.

Coming along even faster are a few additions to the garden just west of the school’s entrance, including these picnic tables:

And a new storage shed, along with a few raised beds for growing things used in Hogg’s cooking classes. A gazebo, rainwater collection apparatus, and outdoor kitchen are all up next.

Photos: James Hogg Middle School (schoolyard and building); Janay Goodman (garden). Drawing: Learn Local

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