Holocaust Museum Houston Expansion; Pitch Metro Its Next Big Project

Photo of Imperial Sugar Factory: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Holocaust Museum
    While I applaud the philanthropy & am glad to see them (finally) moving on their planned expansion, I must ask this: Why do the new plans leave the dilapidated old bank in place? I thought that in their deal to abandon Calumet, the Museum made all sorts of promises about how that space would be developed? With $50M you’d think they could fix that eyesore. Instead, raze the current building and leave the ugly parking lot and concrete building? Why?

  • Swamplot, why do you bother putting up articles that are inaccessible without a subscription. Just tried to read Houston Ranked Number 3 among the Nation’s Most Undersupplied Apartment Markets. Source is SBJ. Headline is all you can read.

  • RE: Metro Holding Meeting to Hear What Projects to Do Next
    While I appreciate their desire for the “next great thing”, I’d want them to fix the bread-and-butter items like bus shelters, bus riding comfort, street repair, and added frequency.
    I took the bus home and back when I put my car in for maintenance and the ride was jarring on the city streets. Either the shocks were gone or the pavement was atrocious – or both. This was on Richmond from Chimney Rock to the light rail transit center. A better bus experience never gets finished.

  • @ wolf brand chili

    i have no love for metro but see what is ranked number one on this list

  • @MyTwoCents: Just don’t click links with “($)” after them.

  • @Wolfie,

    I can only imagine that the reconstruction of Richmond (and it is in horrendous condition) was put off due to the fact that the light rail WILL someday travel down that avenue at least thru Buffalo Speedway. The logic: “Why go thru the expense of rebuilding it now while it will have to be rebuilt to accommodate the rails at a later date?” (Of course this logic ignores the work on Post Oak), but I digress. I foresee no movement on rebuilding Richmond until either Senator Cornyn either suddenly dies in office or loses his undeserved seat. Until that time we can expect huge tax breaks for the 0.01% and hope for scattered attempts at patching while enduring his avowed punishment of CoH residents.

  • I would like to see an expansion of Park & Ride services so that additional employment districts are served. I would also like to see METRO lobby TXDoT to make some sort of accommodations for crosstown interconnects for HOV/HOT lanes that would otherwise simply terminate into downtown.