Hometta Explains the Crazy Kitchen Lady: No Carrot Cutting, Just a Little Architectural Air Guitar

Hometta’s Ann Chou has an answer for all of you Swamplot readers still wondering about those bizarre arm motions one of its characters was making in the promo video for H-Town, the online small-home plan-sales company’s new virtual environment. She was just — you know — chatting!

Amid the feedback on last Friday’s release of the H-Town preview has been a seemingly recurring question. “um – what is that lady in the kitchen doing?” asked a commenter on ArchDaily. Over at Swamplot, someone described the lady in the kitchen as a “humanoid” that “has taken to some sort of repetitive carrot cutting activity with a roll of drawings (presumably architectural drawings).”

They are indeed architectural drawings belonging to our architect avatar, the firstborn in a cast of characters from which you will choose when H-Town goes live. Then, you too will be able to gush with your fellow avatars about 48′ House’s U-shaped kitchen!

So that’s how you gush in H-Town?


Which brings us back to the lady in the kitchen. When you communicate in H-Town, your avatar will type on an imaginary keyboard à la air guitar. You will be able to communicate in one of two ways – via local chat or global instant messaging (known as IM). Local chat occurs publicly between two or more avatars and is visible to any avatar within a given distance. Global IM occurs privately between two avatars and does not depend on the participants being within a certain distance of each other.

We want H-Town to start conversations—between visitors, between visitors and their builders, and hopefully even between visitors and the architects and designers who designed the houses they love.

. . . gesticulating wildly, all the while. Below, a few H-Town residents demonstrate the best arm positions for design tête-à-têtes in cyberspace:

Images and video: Hometta

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