Hotel Galvez Bar and Grill To Be Renovated, Renamed

HOTEL GALVEZ BAR AND GRILL TO BE RENOVATED, RENAMED A new look, new menu, and new name are coming to Bernardo’s at Hotel Galvez on Seawall Blvd., says hotel owner Mitchell Historic Properties: To be adventurously rechristened Galvez Bar & Grill, the space will become twice as big after the renovations. The hotel’s lobby will also be redone: Though the wicker furniture isn’t going away, a new floor made out of a tile mosaic will be installed where sandy-footed guests enter. Though Bernardo’s will be shuttered for 2 months for the upgrades, hotel owners are hoping the space will be ready for Memorial Day, when the island’s tourist season begins. [Mitchell Historic Properties] Photo: Flickr user Equina27

One Comment

  • I have always appreciated the architecture and grand look of the Galvez. It dominates that part of the Seawall with flair and aplomb. When I was a kid, the Galvez was down on its heals, like all of Galveston, since then however, its been remodeled a number of times and most have been sensitive to the old grande dame. I’m kind of sad they’re renaming Bernardo’s, it’s obvious a witty play on Bernardo de Galvez and the name made many question who Bernardo was and thus got some history of why the island is named for him in the first place. One hopes this remodel is as sensitive as most of the others, because there is only one Galvez.