Hotel Room Art Fair Impresario Sells Underwear, Loses Shirt

HOTEL ROOM ART FAIR IMPRESARIO SELLS UNDERWEAR, LOSES SHIRT Wrapping up last weekend’s seat-of-the-pants Pan Art Fair, held in a third-floor hotel suite across the street from the massive Texas Contemporary Art Fair at the George R. Brown Convention Center, blogger and fair impresario Robert Boyd notes some successes. Among the sales: A piece from artist Jim Nolan’s drawers-in-a-drawer installation, the process of failure/it’s better to regret something you have done, also known as a pair of underwear displayed prominently in one of the bedside-table drawers. Also, Boyd sold out of the small run of T-shirts he had made to commemorate the event. And he’s glad a number of local artists helped push the exhibition space into some odd corners of the hotel room. But, he writes, “I lost money on this deal. Sales were meager. I had to take two vacation days from work to do it. So naturally, it is my intention to do it again next year — even bigger, if possible. See you then.” [The Great God Pan Is Dead; previously on Swamplot] Photos of Jim Nolan and artwork: Robert Boyd

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