Houston Apartment Alias Update

A company called JAW Equity Management has bought 5 Houston apartment complexes and is making some changes, reports Globe St.:

The . . . portfolio consists of the 340-unit Westbrook Place Apartments at 7825 Corporate Dr., which has been renamed to The Lodge Apartments; the 294-unit Waterstone Apartments at 7502 Corporate Dr., which was renamed Waterfall Park Apartments; the 252-unit Greenridge Park at 1351 Greens Pkwy., which is now Live Oak Bend Apartments and the 155-unit Wayforest Glen Apartments at 17601 Wayforest Rd. which was renamed Courtyard Manor Apartments. The 224-unit Ashford Point Apartments at 3950 Ashburnham Dr. will operate under the same name.

Please update your address lists.