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  • That sounds.. unpleasant

  • A low rent, dilapidated apartment complex in Montrose, just imagine the gross things going on inside.

  • The photos provide a nice sampling.

  • I have always enjoyed the pics of the SFH of the day Swamplot provides us…but now that the pics of the day are coming from multi-family properties too, I will now try extra hard to come up with something on my next listing that could be applied. I must have seen thousands of units in the Montrose over the past 8 years as a broker, but one stands out above all and it was an 8 plex on Hazard that had a stripper’s dance pole mounted from floor to ceiling. If anyone wants that picture, it is for sale to the top bidder.

  • Thses stools require gnomes.

  • typo: THESE stools….

  • I love that the description mentions that “permits are up to date”.

  • The cat must belong to the window photo. Which leads me to wonder what in the world do the other windows look like?

  • @Janak, I live in an 8-plex on Hazard and I absolutely must know which building had the stripper pole.