Houston Bayous: Now Featuring Raw Sewage!

HOUSTON BAYOUS: NOW FEATURING RAW SEWAGE! “Ever since the hurricane, a number of the city’s waste water treatment plants went without power. As a result, the city was forced to actually dump raw sewage straight into the bayous. First of all, it smells awful. There have also been some oil slicks along the waterways. And you can’t miss the dead fish.” [abc13]

One Comment

  • Hey, it’s a reality. If the city can’t clean water for you to drink after a disaster, do you think they’ll be able to clean it after you dirty it up.

    I wouldn’t worry about the fish kills though. More fish died directly from IKE than the sewage would kill. The drop in pressure from a Hurricane causes massive fish kills especially in inland bayous and swamps where they can’t escape the pressure drop. Hurricane Andrew was the last Hurricane have a direct hit on the vast freshwater swamp called the Atchafalaya Basin. All the bayous were littered with dead fish.