Houston Could Get a Rugby Stadium, Also Maybe a Team To Play In It

Houston Strikers Stadium rendering, possibly 288 at Mowery Rd., South Houston, Houston, 77045

The group of rugby aficionados called the Houston Strikers — seemingly a revival of the name of an 80’s-era semi-professional rugby club — has been showing around the rendering above of a new rugby stadium lately. The facility is said to be planned near the Houston Sports Park along 288 just south of Mowery Rd. by various rugby news sites and discussion groups; the early renderings floating around since last summer corroborate that, showing the stadium tucked next to the distinctively curved crossing of Sims Bayou under 288 (along with some parking lots and a detention basin):


Houston Strikers Stadium rendering, possibly 288 at Mowery Rd., South Houston, Houston, 77045

The Strikers group is telling folks on social media this month that they’ve started soil testing at the proposed site to begin the permitting process for the first phase of the facility. The group is also in the process of hiring coaches and staff, and scrounging up some would-be season ticket holders, with purported plans to be ready to field a team for a Major League Rugby competition in 2018. 

Images: Houston Strikers

Fields by Streams off 288

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  • Interesting the artist rendering depicts a handful of vehicles. I guess the envision low interest

  • No, those are just the cars left behind by the numerous fans that managed to hook up at the game the night before. Use a little imagination!

  • ‘It takes leather balls to play rugby’

  • Wow, this is an adventuresome effort.

    If the Strikers group can get some of the undeveloped space at the Houston Sports Park to build some dedicated rugby fields, not a stadium, with a temporary field house, temp concessions stand and permanent parking that would be a impressive start.

    I don’t know the amount of capital it would require to install the permanent stadium and field house as shown in the renderings, but I would guess it would be pricey. +$2-3M?

    If the Strikers can get the team logistics in order for just starting a team in 2018 that in itself would be significant.

    If they could play at BBVA Compass stadium initially that would be ideal, but I doubt the Strikers could event cover the stadium rental costs, even if BBVA allowed them to play there due to the impact on the actual grass pitch.

    I wonder which “Major League Rugby” league they are referencing. There is the existing PRO Rugby (Professional Rugby Organization) which started in 2016.

    There is news of a new rugby league called the NRFL (National Rugby Football League) starting in 2017.

    I would be a “would be season ticker holder.”

  • Goulas and associates, architect