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  • Sounds kinky, not sure I want to show this house….

  • Fancy word for “seriously sucks”

  • What’s the over/under on the number of HAR listings featuring “rod iron fence”?

    I’ve seen 3 this week.

  • “Reduced 3.77%” Huh, I wonder why?

  • shameful these are nice houses.

  • @Ribalding – Maybe they should get together for corn beef today.

  • (cont.) for all intensive purposes.

  • Its amazing that the listing agent stands to earn over 7 grand and cannot even bother to proofread his listing.

  • it almost seems that it had to be intentional. The ‘L’ is no where near the ‘S’.

  • Yeah, pisses me off too! The directions say: “From Central Buisness District” – that’s it… Not sure where to from there.

  • @ fitness…it is “intents & purposes.

  • Ah, c’mon guys! Fesshaye wanted to jazz up the listing with a wee bit o’ Cole Porterish wordsmithin’. So what if it ended up being de-sastrous?
    p.s. Fesshaye, I hope you’re rocking a Lone Star dress shirt in your listings next rodeo season. Giddyup.

  • hey @Shep… it’s finness
    (this is very funny)

  • I really shouldn’t be drinking at 4pm in the afternoon. I thought I was mistakenly seeing double on the HAR listing photos. Or was I?

    I think the listing agent meant to hit the nearby “F” instead of “S” which would’ve accurately come across as “Fuxurious” which, of course, is slang for “F***ing Luxurious”.

  • Sarah Palin’s writing real estate ads now?

  • #9 awp—-

    You are right of course but as someone who learned to “type” on an actual typewriter, using both hands with fingers on the “home keys”, I understand perfectly why the ‘s’ was used instead of the ‘l’.

    Third finger, left hand versus third finger, right hand. And too much wine.

    But, yeah, people who type and drink should have someone sober do the proofreading.

  • the agent also held the camera up and down rather than side to side it makes the pictures look AWFUL! A digital camera is a very easy thing to operate, they have classes for the less than intelligent at HAR. AND they are free. Plus read the dang book it came with. errrrrrrr! idiots!

  • For what it’s worth, S is under L on a Dvorak keyboard layout. It’s more likely that alcohol was involved than someone was using Dvorak though.

  • @Brad: I like “Fuxurious.” Freakin’ hysterical.

    I live in one of the town homes in this development. It’s a really nice floor plan. They were built by HHN Homes, the same people who did the house for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The listing agent’s awful pictures don’t do the space justice.

  • OK, how many relaters read this blog, lots? Its Friday, over 24hrs after this was posted and its still not corrected. Or maybe that’s the plan, and this guy is smarter than all of us.