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  • So is this another up and coming area? I’m astonished that anything could sell for that kind of price east of I-45.

  • Then you’ll be astonished a lot. Lot value east of I-45 approaching 200K. If you can afford it buy property there now….great investment

  • Nice photo polish. Not enough to help that old kitchen though.

  • Near northside is totally hot right now because of the light rail.

  • Dan: it’s still inside the loop. just east of heights. Right near downtown (so then. It far from midtown/Montrose), just north if all the hot “eado” stuff.
    Like another commenter said. There are still values to be had inside the loop. Get as much as you can while prices and rates are this low. There is no reason to move to the boonies.

  • Just when I thought realtors couldn’t get any sillier.

  • Looks to be in great shape for a 1960’s house. Pull up the carpet and I bet it’s oak flooring underneath. I love these old bathrooms. such wonderful colors. And these look to be in great shape. But I’d probably lighten up the green wall above the tile in the green bath. I love the old gas wall heaters in the bath. Not sure if code still allows them, but if not, plug them and they are a neat accent piece. Personally, I love the kitchen cabinets. Refinish and put new countertop, with new appliances and flooring. Might have to replace the gas water heater and furnace, but definitely new energy efficient windows.

    This house will be a lot better built than the new blocky townhouses going up all over town. I had one similar a few years ago, and it had 1×6 tongue and groove roof decking.

  • What this shot needs is more lens flare. For a minute I thought it was a JJ Abrams shot.