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  • $115,000, what a joke. If this real estate agent can get this for a 47 yr old outdated house in the hood, then my 5 yr old 2300 sq’ home that I paid $140,000 for must be worth around 1/2 million dollars today.
    This house should be priced around $65,000, it needs to be gutted down to the studs. Even if someone did gut the house down to the studs and rebuilt the interior with high end finishes it would then only be worth $115,000 in that area of Houston.

  • Looks like it’s under option already. It’ll be interesting to know what the sales price is. I know it’s fashionable to dis Sharpstown, but the area has a lot going for it. Well-built houses. A nice close-in location. The fact that houses in other areas that are that close or closer in go for a lot more….
    That said, the tile floors are something I’d steer clear of. First, one of the cool things about the houses in Sharpstown is that many of them originally had beautiful hardwood floors; the kind of flooring you spend a fortune to put in today. Also, the tile makes you wonder what happened to the original floors. Were they lost in a flood?

  • @rtb3

    Location, location, location. Not everyone wants hour commutes to live in a treeless, soulless enclave of suburban broken dreams. This part of Sharpstown is doing quite well due to its prime location and 115k seems to be on the low end for this type of house in this area. Many renovated homes have sold above 140k.

  • Well, with the bars on every single window and door make me think this would be a good house for a prison or the zombie apocalypse. Either one.

  • Oh, another Realtor poor spelling skills…

    With all those security bars on doors and windows it’s like living in a jailhouse :(

  • @ZAW

    While I’ve never lived in Sharpstown, I did grow up in a house of that vintage. It’s been my experience that beginnign in the 60’s, houses were increasingly built with concrete slabs rather than pier and beam with wood floors. Then again I could be totally wrong and this house’s floors are a diamond in the rough.

  • I lived a few blocks from here for many years and it’s a very reasonable neighborhood. It has a bad rep, but for the money I think this is a very good place to buy. I sold my place there two years ago for $150 only because that is probably the max one can expect in Sharpstown. In the Heights I got half the house for double the price and I can’t really detect any large difference in crime or other “hood” characteristics.

  • @ robert

    Location, school district, crime, commute, age, price and condition of property are very important factors in determining the real estate value. I only had to pay $140,000 for a very nice energy star rated new 2300 sq’ home with a lot over 8000 sq’ five years ago in N.E. Houston. I live in an area with abundant wildlife & trees, very low crime rate and a good school district within a easy/fast commute to downtown Houston. I only have to travel about 3 miles for local shopping and I have Alexander Duessen Park on the southern tip of Lake Houston only a few miles away for boating & recreation. The commute is very easy & fast to downtown Houston with the completion of East Bltwy 8 & the new completed segment of Hwy 90. A good example would be traveling to downtown Houston and to the closest mall from N.E. Houston compared to 8414 Neff St. in Sharpstown.
    My location to Minute Maid Park is about 23 minutes & 15 miles. 8414 Neff St. to Minute Maid Park is about 20 minutes & 13 miles. My location to Deerbrook Mall in Humble is about 21 minutes & 17 miles. 8414 Neff St. to First Colony Mall in Sugarland is about 17 minutes & 12 miles. I got these estimates from Mapquest and it doesn’t take into account the gridlock traffic that occurs most of the time in that area of Houston. I can travel to downtown non stop in about 23 minutes during morning & evening traffic with no problems. So in my oppinion, I live in a prime location without the stress of commuting in gridlock traffic.

  • That house is just down 59 from the Galleria and about 10 miles from Downtown. I go through Sharpstown all the time and the section by the golf course has some very nice houses. The section this house is in has a new school and I think they are remodeling a big catholic church. It’s not the “hood” back in there.

  • @rtb3

    Though your figures obviously dont account for realistic traffic conditions to downtown, I hope you do realize that Houston has more than one major employment center right? Try getting to the galleria or the med center in 20 minutes during rush hour. And lol at having to drive 3 miles to get to local shopping and dining. The best international cuisine of the city is IN Sharpstown. Home values reflect the strength of location and it appears that a half decade old house in the “hood” is far more valuable than your suburban house made of tickytacky. Have fun in traffic.


  • @robert

    My numbers are realistic to me. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I can travel to and from downtown Houston in rush hour traffic in about 23 minutes from my location in N.E. Houston. I worked in residential construction for 12 years and my house is energy star rated and was built to meet or exceed newer building codes that didn’t exixst 47 yrs ago. The property listed for sale at $115,000 is overpriced considering that any potential buyer would more than likely have to sink a lot of money into renovations for; new/updated wiring, plumbing, insulation, double pane windows, interior & exterior doors, garage door, kitchen, bathrooms, roof, water heater, furnace/ac, paint, light fixtures, landscaping, fencing, flooring etc….

  • If the house was overpriced it wouldn’t be under option already. Again Sharpstown > the stix. You have to get on 2 tollways to make it in the same time that it takes me to get to downtown in traffic. Without traffic it takes 10 minutes. Don’t forget that Sharpstown is essentially next door to the galleria area and has express bus service with limited stops to the med center. Sharpstown also has some of the best dining in the city and what does your area have? Chilis? Southwest Houston is exploding in growth due to its prime location and its naive to not acknowledge that Sharpstown isn’t in the trajectory. A decade from now expect to see home values at westbury’s current level as people begin to be priced out of the latter.

  • @robert

    I don’t have to take the tollway to get to downtown in about 23 minutes. For you to reach downtown from Sharpstown in 10 minutes you would probably have to travel well above the speed limit between the hours of 7:30 P.M. & 5:30 A.M. 7 days out of the week. And yes my area does have numerous options for fine dining.
    Also I wouldn’t want to live near the Galleria again due to the gridlock traffic in that area most of the time, that’s why I haven’t been to the Galleria in years. You failed to mention that Southwest Houston has also been exploding with crime. I lived in the Sharpstown area in 2004 and during that time the traffic & crime was so bad that I broke my lease to get out of that area. With over 12 years in residential construction I simply think the house is overpriced considering the amount of money it would take for renovations.

  • @RTB3

    Did you ever consider that some family may just want the house to LIVE IN IT just the way it is?