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  • That’s not all that’s falling away. Where did they find that realtor?

  • Pye, Let’s not be harsh. After all, she only just put the listing up NINETY SIX DAYS AGO!
    And how did she find a client with such low expectations? A client of mine had a big upset because the profesional photographer I brought in did not photoshop out a lamp cord.

  • Any Realtor who cannot go to the trouble of posting 5 decent photos of a property doesn’t deserve the commission money they are charging. And don’t even get me started about proper spelling! If you want to be called a professional, you need to step up and act the part.

  • I’m impressed the realtor went with the “Joan Collins” effect with the pixs. Going after people suffering from myopia is certainly a niche market. Maybe the realtor should re-type the listing in all caps for better results.

  • Bottom line is, a lot of real estate agents are lazy lazy lazy. I find them to be, on average (so please, there are exceptions) to be some of the laziest people in a ‘professional’ profession I run across.

  • Note to Realtors: This is how you spell separate, NOT seperate. Spell check your work.

  • Must have been a train going by when these were snapped.

  • Oh it is awful. The other spelling error you see ALL the time is quiet spelled quite. “Located on a quite street”.

  • OMIDOG I just saw this – a stunningly remiss effort.
    And no pic at all of the great pool in the backyard.
    The realtor couldn’t visit during daylight?!
    Couldn’t bring an actual camera with flash and maybe f-stops?
    This listing just had to get posted tonight?!