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  • If you look through the pictures, there is also a “wife” monkey painting on the opposing wall.

  • The funniest bit is the matching monkey painting on the other side of the room.

  • I’m guessing that pilar was where the door to the kitchen was and they knocked down the whole wall hat used to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house?

  • I do not understand that pillar at all. That can’t be load bearing can it? There’s a dropped header there that should be redistributing the weight.

  • Oh wow, didn’t realize where that was, that’s actually really reasonably priced for the Heights.

  • Oh wait…I KNOW THIS PLACE. This place has been on the market every year or two for the last 3-4 years. I swear, last time it was listed for 160. I even called about it, but it sold too fast. Man…..well now I’m depressed….

  • I hate hate the new standard style of open floorplans with fully visible kitchens. just one more reason why i’ll be trying to stick to older housing stock for the next home. hopefully they’re not all knocking down the kitchen walls.

  • The table is alright. That’s a load bearing decorative pillar. I would pay good money for the monkey paintings.

  • Somebody monkeyed-around with the walls…

  • Looks like there had once been another pillar equidistant between the extant pillar and the left-hand jamb. Those turned pillars are made of soft pine and are definitely not load-bearing. There had better be a large header up there somewhere, or else there’ll be cracks showing up soon. Personal experience speaking.. :(

  • Monkey paintings? I shudder to think what’s hanging on the walls in the other rooms Paintings of dogs playing poker? A velvet Elvis?

  • I’ll see your monkey suit, and raise you a Black Jesus…

  • @MrEction I, too, viewed this property a few years back (circa 2012) when I was looking to purchase a home. When i went to look at it, there was a line of buyers/agents who were trying to get a look. This home received multiple offers, and I think was even under contract (or in the process of it) while I was viewing it.
    For the nearly $200K markup, you would THINK that someone could put in central heating/cooling.

  • Slight correction: central cooling/heating upstairs. :P
    I wish they showed the garage apartment since they weren’t showing it when I went to view the property. I’m guessing that it is probably still tenant occupied?

  • @Gisgo, theres a dropped header visible there. Looks pretty big to me.

  • Actually….I hope that’s steel. That looks like….at the most….3-2x12s, which is really monstrous in and of itself, and that isn’t sufficient for a span that large on a 2 story house.

  • Joel, hope you can find one that hasn’t been remodeled – they all seem to be going for the totally “open” floor plan in Oak Forest redos right now. I do love my family, but I like to have a separate family and living/dining room so I don’t have to shut myself in my bedroom just to have a quiet spot to read.

  • I grew up in this house. Never regret that my parents sold it because many wonderful things came after it but I sure miss it. Have wonderful memories of it.