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  • This house is pretty sweet.
    But I HATE the ‘rendered’ photos. All the surfaces look like the same material: Wet plastic.
    Does the actual home seem dumpy after being seen in these pics where everything’s sharp and luminous?

  • $1.8 Mln to live in The Heights? That’s just sad.

  • @commonsense — it’s a triple lot (15K sf), so probably $1.2M of that is the land.

  • @movocelot – the first photo in the gallery is the best…if you look at the chimney it appears black smoke is coming out thanks to all the rendering.
    @commonsense – specifically, $1.8M to live one lot down from Heights House (section 8 apartments) and across the esplanade from CVS and Becks Prime. The house one lot to the south is also built to accommodate the owner’s small business, and has a massive parking lot out front. It is a great house, but hard to spend that kind of cash for this location.