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  • Paint job by Crayola?

  • Forget the banana for a moment. (No, really, what the hell is up with the banana?). Is that Astroturf leading from the back door to the backyard? I mean, the backyard is not in the best shape and all, but still…

    Oh and interior colors? Talk about a mishmash of a color scheme. And wood paneling on top of it all.

  • You know MarketingWiz, I think you are correct! Good eye!

  • Interesting. My kitchen is exactly that shade of lavender, my living room is exactly that shade of chocolate brown that the bedroom 3 is, and my daughter’s room is exactly that shade of lime green that the bedroom and hallway is. They didn’t steal my robins-egg blue entry, pink master bedroom, or spatter-paint master bath decor though. I think the Astroturf is probably a poor-man’s putting green made from castoff pieces.