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  • A little worried about flooding but the house and furniture kick butt. No gardens in the back which makes me think they would get swept away. Someone tell me if my fears are true.

  • Home sits in a floodway, according to the Flood Control District.

  • As the listing agent, I can clear up some misinformation in the previous comments. The line of the 100 year flood plain basically runs through the back half of the house, and while part of the embankment is in the flood way , the house is not. The house did not flood in the Memorial Day floods, nor in Ike or Allison. Memorial Day the water reached around the base of the back section of fence. Nothing has been “swept away”. Flood insurance is required though. This one is already under contract after receiving multiple offers.

  • Hey I know you, I bought a house from you in May. I like your properties.

  • Beautiful house, too bad it is sitting just off of the Gulf Fwy hood…