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  • does anyone else see the high water mark on the garage door??

  • Kosher kitchen? Does that mean they cut the stove hood off?

  • I like the house, but HCAD is showing 550 less sqft.

  • I’m not Jewish and don’t keep kosher, but my understanding is that meat and dairy don’t mix. So you have one set of everything (dishes, cutlery, appliances including dishwasher, oven, stove) for meat, and another complete set of everything for dairy. I forget which one gets the vegetables, but I’m sure someone will chime in.

  • @GoogleMaster, I know that’s what it means, I was merely making an opportunistic foreskin joke. People that are not that nutty about sheep herder’s middle eastern laws of culinary hygiene just use the second kitchen as the “dirty” kitchen or as catering kitchen. A lot of Asians like to use the second hidden kitchen to fry the fish and pungent aromatics.

  • @Nice Neighbor: Looks like you can see a high water mark on the wood fence in front of the home. I wonder if there’s a car lift in the garage?

    Why so few windows? Not much of a view from the first floor and the pool feature is completely hidden around the back of the house.

  • Do builders employ architects in any capacity anymore? Agreed about the pool: it has much more connection connection to the house behind it, than the house it belongs to.

    The single window that gives on to it, is too high to afford a view. Fortunately, parents nowadays always keep their eyes glued to swimming kids every second, never running inside to do anything, so that’s not an issue.

    Still, it’s a shame that they didn’t have the money to elevate the pool, as it emphasizes the graceless elevation of the house in an unfortunate way. Shrubbery against the blank walls, and the pool at a distance in the yard, would even have been preferable.

  • TOO much computer graphics in this listing’s pics! Who knows what is really there?
    I would not be inclined to give it a second thought.
    RE: Second Thoughts… about keeping the baby? It’s crib symbolically attached to a hot air balloon…

  • AREJAY: And? hcad isn’t the be-all-end-all of, well, really anything. Not SF, not value, and often not even ownership.
    Lots of people just copy the SQ reported in HCAD and put “HCAD” as the source since if it’s wrong at least they can say “well HCAD said….”
    I had a house where we finished out the top floor attic into a legit living space (AC, windows, etc.). It’s not like HCAD magically updated. So when we listed it we listed it as ~500 SF larger than HCAD