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  • Space for my shoes!

  • It’s a wine rack 90 degrees to a dishwasher. Big deal! Very reaching.

  • Somebody watched HGTV and thought this was a good idea. What a way to impress some guests.

  • Great example of something built with the intention of adding a customized feature to add a selling point and capture interest. In actuality, a practical buyer sees one less cabinet bay to store shit in. The under cabinets are typically used to store big stuff, which takes up more space – and are thus more valuable than uppers.

  • I love my wine steamed periodically before opening… turns it into a good vinegar…

  • A new owner could replace it with an insulated or refrigerated version.

  • I’m wondering why the dishwasher is not next to the sink.

    In every place I’ve lived, including rentals, the dishwasher was right next to the sink.

  • PYEWACKET2, because a large chunk of dishwashers are connected to the disposal on a sink. This one most likely has a built in food disposal feature.

    Agreed on the steamed wine feature going on here… yuck!